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Monday, May 23, 2011

Casa Marikit Restaurante

“Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives.”


     We always pass by this Italian Restaurante on the way to Mataasnakahoy, and now, we've had the pleasure of having the Casa Marikit dining experience. The restaurante is open everyday except Tuesdays, from 11am-3pm and from 6 to 10 pm.



     Casa Marikit is a quaint Italian resto located in front of 300yards-Driving Range, Fernando Air Base. We were greeted by a simple designed fountain and very nice interiors. The design stays true to the feel of Italy, using marbles and tiles, reminiscent of Tuscan homes. 


Stone fireplace

Wall decor

 Caffe di Batangas

     The ambiance was great -- it felt homey, simple yet elegant. The dim yellow lights, the simplistic fireplace and the rack of various wines made for a soothing atmosphere, perfect for the dining experience. =)


Rustic table

Ceramic plate

Cibo delizioso :)

     They offered a great menu, with the usual Italian cuisine: pizza, pasta, steak and wine, served on colorful ceramic plates on a modest table with a rustic feel -- all these made for an appetizing meal! 


Saporito (tasty!)

     Knowing the cook has its perk - appetizer on the house and a larger food serving.. Perfect! =D Thanks to chef Marlon for the complimentary food.

Fettucine all'uovo all marinara con poccini

     Fettucine all'uovo all marinara con poccini (370php). Seafood fettucine with porcini mushroom. Fettucine with rich white sauce served with mussels, shrimp and big slices of mushroom.

Sicilian-pomodoro, mazzarella, melanza, salsicce

     Sicilian-pomodoro, mazzarella, melanza, salsicce (400php). Fresh mozarella, fresh tomatoes, capers with anchovies and italian sausage. A feast for the eyes and the palate! 

 Soddisfatto! (satisfied!)

 Satiated =)

     We loved our dining experience here at Casa Marikit. The ambience, food and servers were great! We were so full that there was no more room for dessert.. too bad hehe! We would've tried the delicious sounding (and looking) Italian desserts if not for our already bulging tummies haha! True to its name, Casa Marikit is such a beautiful place. :)

Casa Marikit at night ^_^

Casa Marikit Ristorante Italiano
Banay-Banay, Concepcion, Lipa City, Batangas
(in front of 300yards-Driving Range, Fernando Air Base)
For inquiries and reservations:
Phone: (043) 312-0454
Mobile: (0917) 869-2354
Email: casamarikit@yahoo.com
Facebook account: facebook.com/casamarikit
Restaurant Hours:
11am-3pm and 6pm-10pm
Everyday except Tuesdays


  1. Nice find! May ganyan pala sa Banay Banay. Medyo may kamahalan ang food nila no?

  2. yes sir medyo bago lang siya.. wala pa kasing masyadong ganitong klaseng restaurant sa batangas.. :) may kamahalan nga lang pero sulit naman.. :)

  3. thanks sir! yung bookmark tab namin, puno na ng mga links sa blog mo.. :)

  4. yep! the place is great! the food is, too! =)

  5. The Place is good. However, during valentines day ( Feb 14 2012) , i wasn't expecting that the price of food they will serve is as much as P2000.00/pax so if your a couple it cost P4000.00 and its too expensive . Dapat may alternative din, Naka set na agad yung menu , you don't have any choice. I even asked the waitress if they can serve other menu, pero sabi niya yun lang daw for that day. Actually some customers which is nearer to our table reacted and one of them ( OLDIES couples) commented that, it is better for them to eat in a hotel,(NAPAKAMAHAL KASI), kahit yung isang couple , they reacted that they should eat to the last strip of veg. coz it worth 2000, . Sana next time the management will also think not only to grab the opportunity of that occasion, ( KAYA NAPAKAMAHAL naman ng menu nila) they must also think na kung reasonable ba yung price . Kasi marami naman na lugar na masarap din ang food pero WORTH it naman. This is an eye opener to the management. We know you have quality food . But of course iba parin kung bibigyan ninyo ng pansin ang Price.

  6. I completely disagree. The food certainly is worth it. I mean come on, admit natin na you are not only paying for the food but for the ambiance, and experience as well. The thing is, if you cannot afford it, then don't go in the first place. The management isnt trying to please every social class. Akin lng, the food, the customer service, is superb! So I have no complain! I took up culinary, so I know how much each ingredient costs. So I wouldnt say its overpriced.