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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Pan de Amerikana (Marikina)


     Ever since we've been to Pan de Amerikana's branch in White Plains, we have been wanting to go to this branch in Marikina since we love the ambiance, unique features and especially the food! Not only they were delicious, but they were also so affordable! It's hard to find such places these days right? :p

Wind mill

1950's pandesal!

     Pan de Amerikana started out as a bread house in the 1950's before venturing into the restaurant business. They now have 2 branches, with equally interesting themes: chess and upside down.

     The restaurant looks like an old house outside, complete with a chimney. But the inside is a nature lover's haven. Everything is environment friendly and all-natural (well almost). The place just gives off this cool and refreshing vibe! :)



     You'll immediately see what the restaurant has to offer once you see the place. Their nice staff will greet you and eagerly take your orders. On the counter are numerous photos of some famous persons as well as happy customers who enjoyed their time at Pan de Amerikana.


Dining Area

     The dining area is very spacious and relaxing. Glass windows line the far wall with a number of plants and vines that make the space refreshing and cool. Simple brown topped tables with chess boards coupled with metal chairs complete the earthy dining space.
Lounging Area

     A mini stage can also be seen on the right side of the dining area, adorned with homey furniture and framed photos. Here is a nook you can relax in after having a sumptuous meal! :)

Small pond

Wash Area

Natural :)

     At the restaurant is a small pond with kois which add to the natural feel of the restaurant. Their handwashing area is also unique -- with colorful ceramic jars and basins.

     Different decorations can be seen around the area such as  a big wheel used in a kalesa, some old lamps, clocks and other vintage looking items.

Kalesa Wheel


     There's a a mini gallery featuring framed pictures of well-known personalities, of staff and crew and some photos of their customers, too. There are some of the restaurant's achievements and milestones through the years which are interesting to look at.


Back then

     The branch in Marikina is known for its chess theme. The other branch in Mandaluyong is of upside down objects which is really cool!

     On the far end is stage-like space with big white columns and a really huge chess board. The giant chess pieces were fun to play with! Kinda tiring though since you have to move across a big area. :) This space has been used to shoot prenup and debut photos. 

Say CHESS! ^_^

     The ambiance alone was well worth the travel and effort to go there. Up next: descriptions of our brunch :)


On the Menu

     They serve mainly Pinoy delicacies like a variety oif silogs, vegetable, fish, chicken and pork dishes. They also have a selection of salads, snacks and desserts! 


     There were a lot of notable dishes we had to choose from but in the end, we had pinaputok na tilapia, grilled pork, tokwa't baboy on the side and fruit shakes for our drinks.

Pinaputok na Tilapia

     The fish was tasty with a crunchy skin and soft, moist meat. The presentation was simple yet nice -- with the leaf wrapping. :)


     This pork dish was great, too. We liked that it was sliced thinly and that it had a lot of flavor. It was tender and not tough to cut or bite through which is always good. :p Wish there was more though. Hehe! :p

Tokwa't Baboy

     We grabbed an order of tokwa't baboy on the side which we really liked. There were some big chunks of pork - a good thing unlike other servings of this yummy appetizer. And the tokwa with the sauce was kinda addicting, too. :)

Melon & Mango Shake

     Our melon and mango shakes were refreshing! They were perfect drinks for our lunch. We loved that they were sweetened just right and that they weren't too thick.

     After eating our "main course", we decided to roam around the place. We explored the tree house, the hanging bridge and the area near the pond. After taking some photos, we ordered again. Haha! :D


     This time we had a serving of halo-halo, saging con yelo and turon. The halo-halo was delicious! It had a lot of ingredients which we like and the milk they used was yummy! Their saging con yelo was also delectable! They didn't crimp on bananas and milk! We almost didn't finish it since we were so full! 


     The turon was okay, with a big slice of banana as well as langka. The wrapping was not crunchy as we would've liked though. 


King and Queen

     Our experience at Pan de Amerikana in Marikina was great! We loved the ambiance, the unique features of the restaurant, the quality and affordability of the food as well as the service. Everyone was nice, helpful and had smiling faces. 

Pan de Amerikana
92 Gen Ordonez Ave
Concepcion II, Marikina
Contact Number: (02) 475-2398
Website: http://pandeamerikana.multiply.com/


  1. Wow! Ang cool ng design resto... :)
    Kagutom din yung pagkain.. Parang gusto ko yung turon...RAPSA!

    1. Maganda din yung branch nila sa may White Plains-- unique! =D

  2. natakam ako sa tokwa't baboy! ang ganda rin pala nung original branch, ang hirap lang kasi puntahan ang layo! :P

    1. medyo dinadayo nga lang talaga ang branches nila hehe! worth it naman =)

  3. been here once Sir Mark, ganda nga dito!