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Friday, December 16, 2011

Malaysia: Petronas Towers, Genting Highlands & Batu Caves

Petronas Towers

     We went back to the hotel at around 8pm and rested for two hours before going to the bus terminal. The bus leaves at 11.30pm and we left the hotel at around 10.40pm, thinking that we would get there in 30minutes. Panic kicked in when it was already 11pm and we were still waiting for a cab. Dozens of cabs pass by but all were occupied! 

     One of us went back to the hotel to call for two cabs while the others waited on the street. We were able to hail a cab but apologetically went down since Princess told us that we can't cancel the cabs we called for. We waited anxiously for our cabs -- it was already 11.15pm! Good thing we had a good driver who beat the red light. Haha! :D We got there just in time, even having to wait for a couple of minutes for the bus to arrive -- that was an adrenaline rush! Whew!

StarMart Express Bus

     We booked our round trip SG - KL- SG bus tickets  for 64SGD each online. The bus had spacious, comfortable seats with a massager! This makes the five-hour trip more comfortable. We had to get down twice though for immigration, one going out of Singapore and one entering Malaysia. The process was quick and hassle-free -- back to sleep. Hehe! :p

Selamat Datang!

     After the long bus ride, we alighted at Berjaya Times Square. It was still early so we waited outside the mall -- the MRT doesn't operate until 6am. From Imbi station, we alighted at Bukit Nanas and transferred to the other line to KLCC station. From there we walked to the majestic Petronas Towers.

Dreams do come true ^_^

     We were so excited to see these famous towers, the tallest skyscrapers in the world from 1998 to 2004. It features a 2-storey bridge, on the 41st and 42nd floors, where 1000 visitors per day are allowed to go up. Unfortunately, the bridge was closed on that day.

    We haven't had breakfast yet so we asked around for the nearest restaurant but they didn't understand us. Good thing we were able to ask a security officer and told us that there's a McDonalds inside the tower.

Genting Skyway

     After exchanging some Malaysian Ringgits, we then headed to Genting Highlands. We took the MRT to Putra Gombak station and walked to the Genting Bus Terminal. When we got there, the sign said that the next bus leaves at 12.30pm, it was only 11am. 

     Cab drivers were already convincing us to ride with them for 20RM per person, compared to the 9RM bus ticket. The driver said that he'd stop at the Chocolate Gallery for free. We didn't want to take a chance on the bus and waste our time so we agreed. (there's something fishy going on between the cab and bus drivers.. tsk! tsk!)

     After buying boxes of chocolates, we then headed to the cable car going up Genting Highlands. Tickets cost 5RM per way.

From our cable car

     The cable car ride was nice and relaxing! It was cold up there and it reminded us of our cable car ride in Hong Kong. It was also quite foggy then.

     Genting Highlands is a big complex with a hotel, casino, theme park, dining and shopping centers. The theme park was divided into an indoor and outdoor park. We decided to skip the outdoor theme park since we've already been to Universal Studios Singapore, and besides it was foggy and freezing cold outside!

Outdoor park

View from the bridge

     Rides at the outdoor theme park included the Spinner, Bumper Boat, Pirate Ship, Flying Dragon and more. Honestly, we weren't that impressed. The rides looked old and seemed like our Star City in Manila is better.

     After a lot of twists and turns, we finally reached the Indoor Theme Park.

Baby Eiffel Tower in Genting

Gondola ride

     Rides in the indoor theme park included the Venice Gondola, Bump Cars, Mini Train and the like. We wanted to ride the gondola after researching about it but got a little disappointed when we saw it. We also wanted to see Snow World but it was closed. The only attraction on our list that we were able to visit was Ripley's Believe It or Not.

Ripley's Believe It or Not! Museum

One of a kind exhibit

     Tickets for the exhibit cost 22RM each. Inside were some interesting artifacts, bizarre items and one-of-a-kind displays.

Robert Ripley 

     Robert Ripley, born in 1890, is a cartoonist, athlete, explorer and adventurer who loved collecting odd objects and seeking bizarre stories around the world. 

     Some exhibits in the Museum in Genting are those of shrunken heads, statue of the tallest man, some interesting trivia, games and puzzles, and other interesting, uncommon pieces. 

How are you related?

What jewel?!!

The Human Unicorn

Biggest hand

Michael Jackson caught on tape

Hair art

World's tallest man

     Looking at the exhibits in the museum was fun! Some of the things we saw were so baffling and odd, things you never knew existed! The other displays were fun and interactive, too like the missing jewel and the spinning tunnel!

     After a few hours, we had dinner and went our separate ways. The others took the back to Kuala Lumpur while we went on the cable car again. We then went to the bus terminal but unfortunately and oddly, all tickets were sold out. Again, taxi drivers were there, waiting for the poor tourists who had no choice but to take the taxi. We got to Batu Caves for 60RM.

Batu Caves

     Batu Caves is a popular shrine dedicated to Murugan, a Hindu deity. Here is the tallest statue of Murugan at 140 feet high. Inside the cave are smaller shrines dedicated to other Hindu gods. 

Hindu diety

Halfway up

     We had to climb up 272 steps to get to the top. On our way up, we encountered some monkeys, good thing they weren't too rowdy. Haha! :D 

     Inside are three main caves and some smaller ones. The most famous is the Cathedral Cave which has a celing up to 100 meters and is lighted by daylight from holes in the ceiling. Several shrines can be seen inside these caves.

More steps


     We were able to go up and down the cave in about an hour. Whew! :p The trip was kind of tiring but fun. We're glad that we made time to see the Batu caves, one of Malaysia's popular tourist spots.

In front of Batu Caves

     From Batu Caves, we took a taxi to Terminal Putra, the nearest MRT station and went down KLCC station to meet up with our companions.

     We then had our much needed dinner inside the mall before our trip back to Singapore.

Happy tourists :p

     Though our trip in Malaysia was short, we enjoyed our stay there, being able to finally see the Petronas Towers! Next time, we'd like to visit the other cities like Melacca, Johor Bahru and Kota Kinabalu. :)

     We went back to Berjaya Times Square and waited for our bus back to Singapore that left at about 11pm. 


  1. Love this post! It made me feel like I was with you on your trip.. ^^ I haven't been to Malaysia yet, but I'll be sure to see the Petronas Towers too.. :)

  2. Thanks Sumi! We're glad that you feel that way =) Looking forward to your post about it as well in the near future =p

  3. Wow, Malaysia in a day! Pero sulit na sulit talaga. Ang dami nyong napuntahan. :) Yan pala ang loob ng Batu Caves. Must see talaga pala siya. :)

  4. @Christian: thanks! amazing ng Petronas at night!

    @Karla: tiring to cram activities in a day! but fun hehe! muntik na hindi matuloy ang trip to Batu Caves..

  5. It feels like I've also been to Genting Highlands. When we went to Malaysia, we skipped the Genting Highlands. hehehe.

  6. @pack up and drift: were glad to have shared this experience.. be sure to check out genting highlands on your next visit to malaysia, you can even stay overnight.. :)

  7. hi!! WOW!! you were really able to squeezed in the 3 in 1 day..i hope we can do just the same..we are planning on going sometime june!!but will be checking out batu caves in the Am(opens anyway @8am)then off to genting after!!
    i need some advice re our trip if its not too much to ask?!!(im thanking u in advance)(",)
    1st:is 2 hours enough to check the batu caves?coz we definitely need to leave for genting so we can enjoy for couple of hours there(we are bringing kids).
    2nd:how many hours in genting is enough..and maybe what time to go back klcc (we'll be heading back to SG around 10pm maybe by KTM?!)
    3rd:how much did it cost you for the whole day trip?!(fares going to kl and back to sg,taxi fares,entrance fees,etc)
    i hope you dnt mind me asking coz we really need to plan this trip well...(",)
    im pretty sure (wd ur thoughts re my queries)that we will be enjoying our vacay as well..
    many thanks to you!!!

  8. hi!!WOW!! you really were able to squeezed in the 3 in one day!!i hope when we can do just the same when we go sometime in june..planning as early as now coz we are bringing kids!!we are thingking of batu caves 1st then genting since batu opens earlier at around 8am?! and genting opens at 10am?!!
    i hope you wnt mind me asking some important things?!
    1st: is 2 hours enough to check out batu caves?!(since we need to be in genting the soonest so we can enjoy the park and will be able to get back to klcc in time for our train heading for SG)
    2nd:is there a bus leaving frm batu to genting earlier than 12:30?!
    3rd: how much did it cost you for the whole trip?!
    im sort of an "OC-OC" re on this things..so pls any thoughts on my queries will definitely help..
    i hope that we'll be able to enjoy and have fun too..same as you did!!(",)
    many thanks in advance!!

    1. thanks for dropping by :) we'll try to answer your questions the best we can!

      1. 2 hours is more than enough to explore batu caves. we did it in 45minutes =p

      2. we don't know if there's a bus from batu caves to genting but you can take a cab directly to genting or you may go to Gombak station where the Genting bus terminal is. But be sure to book your bus tickets online to and from Genting as opportunistic cab drivers will rip you off

      3. for our day tour in Malaysia, we exchanged 100SGD/person

      we hope you have lots of fun! tell us about your trip! =D if you have any more questions, feel free to ask!

    2. thank you thank you!!!
      we will consider taking the bus..any website on where to book the tickets online (to and from genting)??

      now im really looking forward for this trip!!!

      anway sorry i didnt notice i sent the other msg..internet connection was really bad that day!

      ill be asking more soon...(",)hihi!!

    3. glad to be of help eht! :)

      try this website: http://www.rwgenting.com/en/getting_there/express_bus.htm.. hope that helps! :)

  9. Hi - just read your interesting post. We plan to visit KL in May 1st week. We want to visit Batu caves in the morning by public transport and then proceed from batu caves to take the cable car to genting? I can take a taxi from batu caves to cable car station. please advise if this is possible and how do we do this. first time to KL.

  10. You can take a taxi to Batu caves. From there, take a taxi to Gombak station where there are buses going to Genting. Or you can just have the taxi bring you to the cable car station. (Better reserve bus tickets online to avoid the hassle.)

  11. Thanks for the prompt reply. I was thinking of taking monorail to KL sentral, then take KTM kommuter to Batu caves station. Then, take a taxi to Gombak station or straight to cable car station.

    1. Should I use monorail/KTM kommuter combo to Batu caves or taxi?

    2. Should I take taxi from batu caves to Gombak station or to cable car station?
    Any idea on the taxi fares for these? Pls. advise. thanks in advance

  12. If you want comfort and time saving way then you can take the taxi :)
    Our taxi fare from Gombak station to cable car station is around 50myr, then from cable car station to batu caves: 60myr

  13. Thank you. Appreciate your help.

  14. hi! your posts are really helpful when making an itinerary.:) we are planning to go on SG also next week and take a side trip to KL. where is the star mart express terminal located and how to go there?

    1. The starmart express is located at 5001, Beach Road #01-16, Golden Mile Complex.. We took the taxi to get there (we were running late.. Hehe!)

      Enjoy your SG-KL trip! :)

  15. Your blog is really helpful!
    Me and my friends are going to SG this coming june & we're planning to go to KL for a sidetrip.

    I have few questions:
    Does the taxi in SG knows the Golden Mile Complex?
    Do we have to book online bus tickets as early as now?
    Form Genting, how can we go back to KL?

    Thank you!

    1. -quite sure they know the Golden Mile Complex
      -booking early is always good :)
      -there are buses from Genting Highlands to KL. They have a big terminal--just ask around for directions :)
      enjoy your trip! and tell us all about it! =D

  16. Hi. Nice entry. I'd like to ask if 4 hours spent in Genting Highland would be enough to enjoy the rides? thanks!

    1. probably a half day to enjoy the whole theme park :)

  17. Hi. Where is the cable car station located? Thanks! :)

    1. at the Genting Skyway. The taxi driver can drop you off there :)

  18. Hi, In November 27-01 Dec will be our SG-KL-SG Family Trip.Is it all worth going to KL visiting Petronas ,Batu Caves & Genting Highlands.. coz im with my 2 Kids,Hubby & my Parents ?

    What can you suggest for our transport from Petronas to batu Caves then to genting highlands??

    hope to hearing from you . Thank you :)

    --Claire S.

    1. Hi! It's worth going to all those places. But the Batu caves may be tiring for the old and young as they'd have to climb up a lot of steps. You can just take the cab since there are a lot of you and it'll be more convenient for you guys.

      Have a safe and fun trip! =)

  19. Hi!! I enjoyed reading your post..We'll be going to KL on Oct.17. but still torn if we will go to SG.
    Our Itenerary is Genting Highlans on OCT17 (PM) - Oct. 18 (AM) and then Back to KL proper. I just want to ask for help in Managing our trip.
    Would you know far is Genting to Petronas Tower (in terms of travel time)? Then from Petronas to Bus Terminal Going to SG?many thanks..


    1. Thanks for reading! =)
      It'll probably take you an hour from Genting Highlands to the Petronas Towers (if we recall correctly) Then maybe a half hour from the Towers to the bus terminal. (we just took the trains)
      We hope you enjoy your trip! :D