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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Pan de Amerikana (Marikina)


     Ever since we've been to Pan de Amerikana's branch in White Plains, we have been wanting to go to this branch in Marikina since we love the ambiance, unique features and especially the food! Not only they were delicious, but they were also so affordable! It's hard to find such places these days right? :p

Wind mill

1950's pandesal!

     Pan de Amerikana started out as a bread house in the 1950's before venturing into the restaurant business. They now have 2 branches, with equally interesting themes: chess and upside down.

     The restaurant looks like an old house outside, complete with a chimney. But the inside is a nature lover's haven. Everything is environment friendly and all-natural (well almost). The place just gives off this cool and refreshing vibe! :)



     You'll immediately see what the restaurant has to offer once you see the place. Their nice staff will greet you and eagerly take your orders. On the counter are numerous photos of some famous persons as well as happy customers who enjoyed their time at Pan de Amerikana.


Dining Area

     The dining area is very spacious and relaxing. Glass windows line the far wall with a number of plants and vines that make the space refreshing and cool. Simple brown topped tables with chess boards coupled with metal chairs complete the earthy dining space.