"Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn't do than by the ones you did do... Explore. Dream. Discover."~ Mark Twain

Monday, January 30, 2012

Casa Rap

Nice seeing you again, Casa Rap! ^_^ 

     After wrong turns and 3 hours on the road, (went to San Benito Farm first which we thought was the same with Hacienda San Benito where Terrazas de Barako is, where we were supposed to have lunch-unfortunately, there was misunderstanding so we weren't able to eat there) we finally reached Casa Rap at Km 90, San Jose, Batangas.

Peaceful Haven

     Casa Rap was formally opened as a restaurant in 2003. It used to be a clearing house for environmentalist from 2001. It's owned by Sis. Emmy Alday who is an advocate for the environment. Proof of this can be seen in the restaurants earth-friendly design and decors. 


Secret garden

Intimate dining

     The whole place feels like a secret garden! The myriad of plants, flowers and trees give of a refreshing vibe. The one-of-a-kind decors around make the place interesting and special. The vines allow for natural light to pass through and makes the space feel more intimate. You really feel one with Mother Earth when you're in Casa Rap! :)

Earth friendly :)

Monday, January 23, 2012

Fleur De Lys: Patisserie & Cafe

Patisserie and Cafe

     We just had lunch at The Real Thing Diner at the nearby Il Terrazzo and did not have any desserts there. So we decided to have some at Fleur de Lys, a quaint patisserie we saw on our way to Il Terrazzo.

From the Chef / Owner

     This patisserie and cafe at Tomas Morato is owned by Chef Jackie Ang Po who hosted the TV shows True Confections and Delicioso on QTV. She won a bronze for the country at the Food and Hotel Asia Singapore competition. 

     The cafe is open from 10.30am-12mn from Monday to Thursday, from 10am-1am on Fridays and Saturdays, and from 2pm-10pm on Sundays.  


Warm and cozy

     The ambiance is warm and cozy, with blue-green walls, simple wooden tables and light, silver chairs. Colorful works of art are displayed on the wall as well as photos of enticing, mouth-watering desserts! We love the silver designs on the walls that seemed like decoupage! :) 

Ingredients for a mouth-watering dessert

Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Real Thing Diner

The Real Thing!

     We've been to Il Terrazzo a couple of times and have yet to try this fairly new restaurant. We decided to go there with our friend Yani to taste some Coca-cola infused dishes. ^_^ 

Real Rewards

     The Real Thing Diner is owned by singer, songwriter, harpist Noelle Cassandra and singer, events host KV Golamco. The retro themed diner have Coca-Cola memorabilia collected by Mr. Golamco from his stint at the Coca-Cola Company displayed around. The place looks fun and inviting with all the red and white Coke inspired items!

     The place is open everyday from 11am to 2.30pm and from 5.30pm to 10pm. They're open til 11pm on Fridays and Saturdays.


Red & White

     The diner is eye-catching with the red and white interiors, truly Coca-Cola inspired! They have simple white tables, red, soft chairs as well as black couches shaped like the Coke waves. On the walls are bubbles with some of the owners collection like cans, bottles, and the famous Coca-Cola polar bear. There's also a big, colorful mural on the wall, giving the place a fun feel!

Friday, January 6, 2012

Bellini's Italian Restaurant


     Before heading to Casa Santa, we went to this restaurant which we came to know because of the movie One More Chance. We wanted to see it for ourselves and experience Italian dining. We're glad to have visited the place -- it looked great and the food served were scrumptious! Read on! :)

Up close!

     Bellini's is owned by Roberto Bellini and his wife, Ma. Luisa. It is located at Marikina Shoe Expo in Cubao, along with the other unique shops and restaurants. It's an Italian resturant that serves great tasting pizza and pasta! :)  


     The place looks so vibrant and festive with all the paintings and eye catching photographs displayed on the walls. The also have a cool wine rack showcasing numerous Italian wines. The restaurant is divided into 3 rooms.

Famous spot

     The largest one is where a scene from the movie One More Chance was shot. On the back wall is a miniature leaning tower of Pisa and on the right are framed photographs and newspaper clippings of the owner from when he was a paparazzo, covering the Edsa Revolution.

When in Rome

     The next room features murals and a replica of the famous Colosseum. This room is also adorned with colorful paintings, from the ceiling to all the walls!

     The third room is where we dined. The entrance to this room is an archway with the phrase "La Dolce Vita" which means the good life or the sweet life.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Candlelight Cafe

Coffee - Food - Candles - Art

     This small cafe caught our eye when we were on our way to the city. The place looked inviting with the warm exterior and the eye-catching mural on the wall. We thought there were no other new restaurants/cafes in Lipa so we were really happy to have come across Candlelight Cafe.

Candlelight Cafe

     Candlelight Cafe is owned by Morten and Marichu Carstensen, coffee and candle lovers. They first thought of opening a cafe on this site since there are no coffee shops yet on this side of town. And because they also manufacture candles, they decided to combine coffee and candles in one shop! They are open everyday from 7am to 9pm. 


     The feel of the place is warm and cozy, perfect for enjoying a nice cup of coffee. They have simple, wooden chairs and tables, as well as some warm colored seats. Near the entrance is a coffee table and a comfortable sofa with a magazine rack on either side. 

     On the shelves are the candles/works of art! The place also smells of coffee and scented candles -- kind of relaxing and soothing! On the far side of the shop is a mural that seemed like a garden walkway, also pleasing to the eyes.

Warm and cozy

Comfortable seating

     Some of the noticeable pretty artworks / candles are the big cakes, pastries, christmas trees, animals like chickens, rabbits and elephants, and the big white chair fit for a queen! Vibrant paintings are also displayed around the cafe. :)