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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

More Fun in Boracay: Day 3

Shot! ^_^

     We woke up early and ate breakfast at our hotel, La Isla Bonita Resort. Then, we contacted Ride the Zorb again for the ATV. We were informed to meet up at Budget Mart in Station 1. Since we were in a hurry and it was far, we opted to ride a tricycle for 60php.

Happy Land

     The shuttle then brought us to Happy Dreamland Theme Park where our ATV awaits. We paid 450php each for the ATV (All Terrain Vehicle) and additional fees for the Everland Aviary, Ocean Tower View Deck and Trick Art Museum. One of the staff  members explained us the route and the allotted time for each destination. We were given 15 minutes each at the three locations. The whole trip took about an hour.


     We then walked our way to where the ATVs are parked. Our tour guide/instructor demonstrated how to operate the ATV, the do's and dont's while riding, some safety tips as well as road etiquette.

     Riding an all-terrain vehicle is one of the must-do activities in Boracay. We rode up Ocean Tower View Deck, the highest point in the island,  passing by the Aviary first. 

All set and ready to go!

Cruisin' through greenery

     The ride was fun but short! We could go all day if not only for the scorching heat.. Hehe! (add to that the fact that our flight is in a few hours)

     After about 10minutes of riding the ATV, we parked outside the first stop: Everland Aviary Farm

Everland Aviary Farm

     The aviary had  a variety of pretty, colorful birds in unique cages. They used old frames of buggies and tricycles, even a small jeep! These unique cages added appeal to an otherwise plain aviary.

One-of-a-kind bird cages

Sans wheels

     Aside from the different species of birds, they also had monkeys - one named Tin-tin who was very energetic. :p


What 'ya lookin' at? :p

     Even if we raced through the aviary, we still had fun! We didn't see the big bat that we've read about though -- wonder what happened to it. We liked how they recycled the old vehicles and turned them to cages as well as the colorful, cute birds! ^_^

Transformer? :)

     After the quick tour, we then rode our ATVs to our next destination, the Ocean Tower View Deck, the highest point in Boracay. At the foot of the view deck, we were greeted by this interestingly odd-looking robot. Seems out of place but nice! Hehe!

Count the steps

     To reach the top of the view deck, we had to climb these scary looking steps -- they seem to go on forever. Haha! Placards about the Ocean Tower and other environment awareness information can be read on the sides. You can read them while resting, if you're too tired to move on. ;)

     We climbed up huge steps to the view deck under the sweltering heat of the sun! We were tired, sweaty and thirsty but all that was worth it once we got to see the view from up there! It was peaceful, relaxing and beautiful! :)

View from the top

Golf course

     The tiring climb was worth it when we reached the top. The 360 degree view was amazing! It was really sunny then, good thing it was kind of windy, too! -- or else we wouldn't have taken such nice pictures since it was too hot. Hehe!

On top of the world! :D

     Riding the ATV to Ocean Tower View Deck was a great experience! Going uphill was the best since we can hit the gas to its max. Hehe! And seeing the island from above was breathtaking! :)

     With barely an hour and a half before Island Star Express fetches us in our hotel, we still have to explore the Trick Art Museum. We didn't pass up the chance to see the museum, especially after watching scenes form the koreanovela, Hearstrings

     Trick art galleries let you interact with 3-dimensional versions of famous pictures. There's one in Seriland in Manila Ocean Park as well as in Tokyo and Korea.

     Here are our favorite shots from the museum. We should learn how to do more facial expressions.. Hahaha! :D


Two can play at this game

Brighter than Einstein

In Venice :p

     Each trick art had a picture posted on the side showing what to do or how to pose. There was such a variety of scenes! There were scary, romantic, amusing, and fun scenes! Even if we were in a hurry, we still had decent shots. Hehe! :p   

Let us out!

Balancing act

Headstand?! :p 

Beach bods :p

     We should've gone here first so we could had photos taken at all of the trick paintings! We had a lot of fun posing and laughing at ourselves too! Hehe! 30minutes isn't enough! The museum had 2 floors! There was even construction ongoing at the top floor. More fun art to pose to. :p

     We rode the shuttle back but told the driver to drop us at Jonah's, where you can get the best fruit shakes! We ordered mango melon, melon banana and mango milk. They have the creamiest, tastiest, freshest shakes! Wish we could bring home a gallon. Haha! After getting our bottled shakes to go, we then hurried back to the resort to have a quick shower before going to the airport.

See you again, Boracay! ^_^

     We took the Island Star Express shuttle to the Caticlan port, rode a boat to Kalibo, a van to Kalibo airport, plane to Clark and a bus to Cubao. Whew! 

We <3 Boracay

     Our whole Boracay experience was adventure filled! We're happy to have done everything (almost) on our list! Even our last day schedule was full! We never thought we'd enjoy Boracay this much since it's now very commercialized. We hope they'd preserve the natural beauty that's left in this  island so that more people can enjoy such a paradise!

     It really is more fun in the Philippines! :D


  1. Ang saya naman ng Boracay trip niyo :)

    1. yep! pero madami pang pwedeng gawin! =D

  2. next year i'll try and visit boracay na rin, nakabili pala kayo ng shot glass, sana bumili rin kayo nung demitasse na boracay starbucks :)

    1. mahal un eh.. shot glass lang collection namin hehe! ilan na collection mo? :)

    2. mura lang yun, Php280 lang ata yun, yun yung mas maliit na version nung mugs tas 2 na agad ang kasama :)

      konti pa lang collection ko, yung mga napuntahan ko lang, nasa 16 pa lang ata or parang ganun. di kasi lahat ng cities or places meron starbucks mug eh :(

    3. Ah kala namin mga 500 hehe! Magstart na din kami magcollect :) thanks for the tip hehe!

  3. hello your blog is nice feeling ko nasa boracay din ako habang nagbabasa. my bf and i willl go to boracay too on august 27, ask ko lang po how much ung trick art museum? ;

    1. thanks for taking time to read our blog :) hmm..package un with the ATV..(500php) add 100php if we remember correctly :)