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Friday, July 29, 2011

Café Noriter

Welcome to Noriter!

     It was on a stormy day that we went to Café Noriter. We were planning to go there for quite some time now. It's just unfortunate that Typhoon Juaning decided to join us on the day we were to eat at Noriter. But she can't stop us! We pushed through with our plan and took the LRT to get there.


Sweet couple =p

     "Noriter" is a Korean word for playground which truly embodies the feel of the place. Around the room are stuffed toys, quirky works of art on the walls, fun lighting, and doodles from the customers themselves. The overall feel of the place is playful, fun and cheerful. :)

Cupssss =p

Own design

     Scattered around the whole cafe are cups designed by the customers. A non-expensive way to decorate the place while showing off some really good works of art, right? ;)

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Laya: Personal Dining Experience

     For our 41st monthsary last September 2010, we dined at Laya in Antipolo. It is Chef Ricci and Ms. Irene's home which they gladly shared to others, along with Chef's masterful skills in the kitchen.

Welcome to Laya

     Last week, we received a message from Laya, saying that they will be bidding farewell to their culinary journey here in the Philippines. Their goodbye and thank you letter can be found in their Multiply site -- http://layapersonaldining.multiply.com/journal/item/47/Goodbye_and_thank_you.

     We dedicate this blog to them, for giving us such a wonderful, one-of-a-kind dining experience! They would be closing Laya and their newly opened Earth Cafe at Pinto Museum, also in Antipolo, by the end of July and would be starting a new chapter in their lives. We'd like to share our unforgettable day at Laya as a way to let them know how much we appreciate them for their kindness, hospitality and especially the food they shared with us! :)

Contact information

     It is through Multiply that we have come to know about Laya - and boy were we excited to go there! It's our first time to have a kind of formal dining where a 6-course meal is served and introduced by the chef himself! It really was a wonderful feeling! Each dish would be brought to us and Chef Ricci would proudly describe what he made for us.


     LAYA is a private kitchen, hidden in hilly Antipolo where we seek to give each of our guests a unique, private and personal dining experience all their own.

     Once you enter the gate, you would climb up cobblestone steps and see the facade of their home, an open balcony where the guests get to taste Chef Ricci's Thai-inspired creations. They have a pool and a cabana where you can relax and enjoy the sun. To the side is a small bar where they can have snacks and savor drinks. :)

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Café de Lipa: A Filipino Coffee Company

Cafe de Lipa!

     Lipa City is known for Kapeng Barako, a very strong flavored, aromatic coffee. And here at Café de Lipa, not only do they offer this unique coffee, but a variety of other great tasting beverages and pastries too! Cafe de Lipa is also a Philippine-based coffee company -- Pinoy pride!

     We chose to try their drinks, a perfect ending to a cool afternoon. It is only a short walk from Lipa City Bus Stop. The place is also quite secluded, away from busy roads - a nice and quiet getaway!:)

Out front

     Café de Lipa offers a simple place to relax. Inside, there's a long table, like a bar where you can sit in front of the window or you may choose to sit on the warm, inviting wooden chairs and tables. Outside are more seats, as well as cushioned ones by the smoking area.


     You can already smell the aromatic smell of coffee by the entrance! The place is clean, and the baristas and servers all have smiling faces. The ambiance is warm and inviting. =)