"Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn't do than by the ones you did do... Explore. Dream. Discover."~ Mark Twain

Friday, March 23, 2012

Pipino: Vegetarian Food by Pino

Pipino: Vegetable Food by Pino

     The Lenten season is fast approaching. With regards to food, it's the time for fasting and abstaining from meat. Pipino is the perfect place since they serve vegetarian dishes and desserts, too! :)


     Pipino is owned by  Ms. Alessandra Libongco and PJ Lanot and is located at Teacher's Village. They are open from Mondays to Saturdays from 11am-12mn, and on Sundays from 11am-10pm. On the floor below it is Pino Bar and Resto.


Mio Alphabet

     The small restaurant has a nice feel to it, thanks to the high ceiling and big windows that let natural light in. You won't feel claustrophobic even if the room is quite small. Dominating the brick wall on the left is a large cork board with photos, memorabilia and some posters.

     On the far corner of the room is a spot dedicated to The Mio Alphabet. The monogram greeting cards and vinyl stickers designed by Mio, a 7year old boy diagnosed with leukemia last 2009, are for sale and funds go to Mio's medical treatment as well as those with rare diseases. To learn more about this project, visit miofightscancer.com 

Take a seat! :)

     The tables and chairs are simple, in line with the theme of the restaurant. There are also long tables coupled with benches, good for groups of 4-6. It feels like you're in a school cafeteria, but much more peaceful. :p

Friday, March 16, 2012

Van Gogh is Bipolar

Van Gogh is Bipolar

     Our friends have been raving about and were urging us to try this place. We've read a lot about this restaurant and liked what we saw. We didn't pass up the chance to go to this place on our rest day. :)

     If we'd describe this place in a word, it would be HAPPINESS! Read on to find out why. :p


Come in!

     Van Gogh is Bipolar, a quaint, oddly furnished place, is Jetro Rafael's home by day and restaurant by night. Mr. Rafael was diagnosed as bipolar three years ago. To cope with this, he cooked and created unique dishes that play with your mood. He uses ingredients that can either calm you down or lift your spirits up! His cooking is both beneficial to him and to those who savor his dishes. 

     We didn't have the chance to talk to Jetro because he was being interviewed by a group of college students but it's good that they asked what we wanted to know. By eavesdropping, we learned that, like anybody else, he had a hard time accepting his condition. This didn't hinder him though from living a productive life. PROST! :)

Footwear is not allowed

     We made reservations three days in advance via SMS as he only allows 12 diners a night. First things first, footwear is not allowed inside his home. :p 

VGIB's House Rules

     Once you enter the small but festive looking room, you'd have to follow the House Rules. We'd tell you all about our dining experience through these rules. :p

Friday, March 9, 2012

Lego Exhibit: Star Wars

LEGO Star Wars

     We've grown up playing with Lego and watching the Star Wars films and we were excited to see the exhibit at SM North Edsa - The Block. Seeing the toys at the exhibit brought out the child in us. The Star Wars Lego Exhibit started last February 25 and will last until March 11, 2012. :)

Galaxy far, far away

     Did you know that "LEGO" is the abbreviation of "leg godt", two Danish words that mean "play well"? It has been an established brand, started out in 1932. All of us have enjoyed playing and creating with these LEGO blocks! 

     Star Wars has been a pop culture phenomenon since it was first released in 1977. From this, video games, books, television series and toys were created. It's fitting that LEGO made a series out of this popular hit! :)

Battle at Endor

     On the right side before the entrance is a battle scene at the forest moon of Endor, between the Ewoks and scout troopers. The scene is made more alive with the bright green Lego trees, troopers and Ewoks with their weapons.

Ewoks versus imperial AT-AT

Ewok battling an Imperial scout trooper

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Bag of Beans: Coffee Shop & Bakery

B.O.B. :)

     It was still drizzling when we finished our late lunch and after roaming around Sonya's Garden. Since we love trying out new restaurants, we headed back to Bag of Beans which we passed on the way to Sonya's Garden. We heard that they had great coffee, desserts as well as a nice ambiance.  Read on to see what the fuss is all about :)


     Bag of Beans is not just a coffee shop and bakery but a garden restaurant, too. They serve all-day breakfast, rice meals, pastas, a variety of baked goods and desserts. They also offer a wedding package for newlyweds who want to have their reception here. It's along Aguinaldo Highway and is easy to spot. 

     Once you enter the bakery, the aroma of coffee and freshly baked good greets you, as well as a glass display of some of their delicious desserts. You'd then be ushered in a small open space, much like a balcony, overseeing the garden below. You can either choose to stay inside the small cafe or outside the garden. They have ample seating areas and each uniquely designed.


The Bakeshop

     The garden downstairs was spacious and so relaxing! There were odd flowering plants all around that bring color to the place. By the corner is a birdcage with a myna bird which sadly was quiet that time. Hehe! It probably was not in the mood because of the rain?! We wanted to stay out but the rain didn't let up.

Al fresco dining

Out on the patio