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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Moon Garden

Moon Garden, Tagaytay

     We've read about this unique garden in blogs and wanted to experience this one of a kind place! We searched and asked around how to get there -- not an easy task. Haha! But it was worth it once we got there. Read on and find out why! :)

Happy Moon ^_^

     Moon Garden is a moon-themed garden restaurant, also a perfect wedding venue with a spacious reception area that can seat up to 200 people, and casitas available for accommodation.


Lush greens

     We thought the place was really nice and peaceful. There were not too many guests so the garden was so quiet, serene. We loved the whole natural, fresh vibe! :)


Rich gardens

     The place was abound with a variety of trees, bushes, vines, flowers, along with the hanging happy moons, colorful paintings and nice garden settings. It feels so relaxing and cool thanks to the lush greens and fresh air!  

    There were also  huts near the main dining hall, perfect for intimate dinners!

Hut on a pond

     This lovely hut seemed to be floating on water, surrounded by water lilies, even small frogs. Hehe! :p This is a good place to read, relax - even have breakfast! Two sofas with soft pillows are on either side of a small rectangular table. The other hut offered a U-shape seating and a square table made out of town. Be careful not to scrape your knees on the stone edges! ;p

Peaceful haven

     Aside from these huts, there's a big dining area adorned with large, colorful paintings of flowers. The area is open, making you appreciate the beauty of nature while enjoying your meal. :)

Dining Hall

Book corner

     There's a book shelf on one corner - feel free to borrow any of them! We got the travel books and wished we could go to those places we've read about. Hehe! There were a lot of long tables, wooden benches available for diners. The whole area was spacious and let natural light in. 

Spacious Area

Intimate Dining

     If you want somewhere more private, there's an available table by the end of the hall, close to the trees, kinda gives a secluded feel. :p


Myriad of flowers

     The garden featured a variety of vibrant flowers, all pleasing to the eyes! One that caught our attention was the pink one that seemed like crumpled Japanese paper - odd but nice! Hehe! :p

Bug's life! :p

     We caught site of a small bug that was metallic blue in color - it glistened in the sun when it flew! There were also a lot of small croaking frogs on the lilies in the pond. (Sort of freaked out when one got to the casita we were in. Haha!)


     You'd also notice stone sculptures, figures around the garden. There was a rabbit, frog, smiling lady and one that seemed like a Balinese figure. All these added to the natural feel of the place.



     The cottages didn't have air-conditioners, just a ceiling fan which was more than enough! It was cold especially during the night! The cool breeze was enough air-conditioning. Hehe! The bed, comforter and pillows were so fluffy and soft! The far end of the room was closed off only by a screen so you can see the garden outside. A dark curtain can be drawn though for privacy. Dim, pin lights made for a soothing ambiance.

 Comfortable room

     We were in love with the place already! Wait until the night settles! The garden looked magical! :)

Dinner time!

Night life :p

     The lighted huts and dining area  looked amazing at night! We spent hours here, having dinner and just laying back. The insects were making beautiful noise, the trees swaying to the soft breeze, the moon, though not full, shone brightly over this sanctuary -- a perfect night indeed! <3



     We had such a relaxing time at Moon Garden! It was a perfect getaway from the busy city life. It's nice to have this kind of retreat once in a while to unwind and enjoy doing nothing! ^_^

     Wondering about the food? Of course, they do serve meals -- details about the food coming up on our next blog post. :p Stay tuned!

Moon Garden
SVD Road, Brgy. San Jose, Tagaytay
Contact Number: +63 917 502 3118
+63 939 913 9097
Email: moongardentag@gmail.com

MarLie's Travels Turns 1: February means that MarLies Travels have been in the blog world for a year now. Thank you to all the readers and our new-found blogger friends. Should we continue blogging about our adventures and food trips? :p 



  1. Happy 1st Blogversary! :D Yes, you should definitely continue blogging about your travels and food trips! <3 And wow, Moon Garden looks so nice and peaceful. Hope we can stay there some time soon. How much do they charge for an overnight stay with dinner and breakfast? :) Thanks!

    1. Thanks, Sumi for being a part of blogversary =p hope we could meet you on one Eat's a Date :D

      you should definitely visit Moon Garden - a perfect weekend getaway! an overnight stay with free breakfast costs 2990php c:

  2. I miss moon garden!
    Usually dumadating kami jan, gabi na tas may take out kami na chicken joy, tas dun namin sa hut with the many frogs kinakain :)

    1. ilang beses ka na ba nakapunta? :)
      we got the inspiration to go here from your blog! pde pala ang take out sa loob hehe!

    2. Tatlo ata o apat? Ang romantic kasi dun eh :)

      Yup pwede take out sa loob, nung unang beses nga pinadeliver pa namin hehe, natakot pumasok yung jollibee, parang liblib daw haha :)

    3. wow! dapat may privilege card ka na dun ah haha!
      when we went there pala, may portion daw na wala na, nasira daw ng bagyo..sayang :(

    4. yung dating main entrance.. nakita mo pa ba yun dati sir?

    5. talaga? yung parang may zigzag siguro yun?

    6. Baka..Un garden na may big paintings on display? Parang malit na Lang tuloy un Moon Garden though maganda pa din :)

  3. punta kami dapat jan on that same date.. i read it din sa mga blogs eh..unfortunately, we arrived late na sa tagaytay.. pero we went sa Marcia adam's.. try to go there din.. :) it's a nice place.. :)

    1. looked at some photos of Marcia Adam's..really nice place, with a garden feel din! would love to go there sometime! =)

  4. Wow! Happy Blog Anniversary MarLies Travels! ^__^ Ang cute naman ng pics nyo! :D

    1. Thanks Karla! Sana one time makapagtravel tayo together! =)