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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Pan de Amerikana: Bakery and Restaurant

Welcome to Pan!

     From Ayala, we took the MRT to Ortigas station then hailed a cab to get to Katipunan Ave. via White Plains. We immediately spotted the resto, thanks to the bright red upside down car. =D

Already teeming with diners ^_^

Entrance through the roof?!

     Pan de Amerikana is said to be the FIRST and only UPSIDE DOWN RESTAURANT in Southeast Asia. Outside is a bicycle and a shiny, red Land Rover parked in front of the upside down house. Upside down flower pots adorned the triangular window. It was so odd but very nice -- couldn't wait to see what was inside! :p

 Restaurant hours


     We were already amazed by what we saw outside.. what more if we saw the interiors?! It'll surely be as cool and peculiar!

 Upside-down world

     As we entered, we walked through a small bridge with a small-scale waterfalls and then the unmatched furniture on the ceiling! There were 2 sets of tables and chairs and a mini grand piano.

 All set =)

 Nook for relaxation

     There were photo frames all around the resto, a clock with a spoon and fork theme, balls of vine and capiz lamps adorning the place. Their wash area had giant clay pots where the faucet seem to come from. The comfort rooms are worth mentioning -- they had wooden floors and were simply and uniquely designed. And, instead of plastic MEN and WOMEN signs, a lolo and lola doll were perched on the wall by the door. =)

Wash area

<-- Men ___ Women -->

     The colorful ceramic plates, jar covers on the walls of the comfort room were lovely -- a nice idea we could use for our future home. Hehe! ^_^

Colorful ceramic dots :)


     They had a simple menu, mostly Filipino dishes and all were at a very affordable price! They had silogs, pandesals to choose from, native desserts, fresh fruit shakes and delicious viands and snacks.

Big Menu

     The resto is self-service, pay as you order type, but we had someone come over to take our orders. Spoiled brats?! Hehe :)

Self service


     Since it's breakfast we chose from their silog list (tocino, tapa, longganisa, bangus, corned beef, etc.)


     Tapsilog [55php]. The usual tapa served with sunny side up and fried rice. The tapa was quite tough but was tasty nonetheless. :)


     Tocilog [55php]. Sweet tocino, also with egg and fried rice- - perfect for the morning after duty!

Fresh Mango and Melon Shake

     Fresh Mango and Melon Shake [30php each]. The cheapest yummy fresh fruit shakes! :)

     Of course, our Pan de Amerikana experience wouldn't be complete without trying their pandesal. We had Chicken and Corned beef pandesal [25php each] which were big and uber tasty! They were best eaten with Hot Chocolate [30php].     

Chicken pandesal with hot chocolate

Corned beef pandesal with hot chocolate


MarLie at 50

     It was the perfect breakfast -- affordable and scrumptious! We only spent 250php for four dishes and three drinks  Haha! :D We also loved the unparalleled theme of the resto, the relaxing ambiance, the soothing music playing in the background and the outdoor feel of Pan de Amerikana! 'twas a place worth going back to with family and friends!

1950's Pandesal: Pan De Amerikana (Bakery and Restaurant)
118 Katipunan Avenue, White Plains, Quezon City
Mondays - Saturdays: 8am - 9pm
Sundays: 8am - 3pm


  1. Haha panalo yung last photo.
    Nagugutom na ko wahaha =P

  2. thanks sir! nakiuso lang sa theme ng resto nila.. hehe! :D

  3. saw this on TV! interesting indeed!

  4. try to eat there too! you'd enjoy it! :):)

  5. eto ang gusto ko itry! i read raves about this place.. haay only if it's near our place..

  6. @chyng: dinayo din lang namin ito eh hehe! 'twas worth it naman. mabubusog ka na at a small price =)

  7. Finally napuntahan rin namin to a few days ago. Mahirap pala sya puntahan pag wala tsikot, nag taxi na lang kami from LRT2.

    Hirap maging poor haha =P

  8. sulit ang pagpunta d ba sir? :) lagi din kaming commute kapag nagtatravel, kasama na yun sa adventure namin.. :)

  9. Grabe, ang layo naman nito sa Cavite, hehe. Pero ang ganda ng place. Unique talaga. I will definitely visit it if magawi sa QC. :)

    Ang cute ng upside down pic nyo sa end, hehe. ^_^

  10. Yup, medyo mahirap puntahan pero worth it naman..super affordable ang food nila, nakakagulat.. hehe!

    Thanks Karla! =D

  11. I have been once in this place when I visited Manila. I was there with a friend and we had a breakfast there. The place was very interesting as well as the food they served. I still remember I ordered this food they called tocilog and tapsilog. It was really good and very tasty.