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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Singapore Day 5: Little India, Sentosa & Singapore Flyer

Little India

     While others are still tired and asleep from our Malaysia trip, we got up early and went to Little India to see some famous temples. From Bugis station, we alighted at Outram Park interchange to the purple line and went down at Little India station.

    We went to see Mustafa Center first, a shopping center known for its affordable goods. We then walked to Sri Srinivasa Perumal Temple which shows the different incarnations of Lord Vishnu. 

Sri Srinivasa Perumal Temple

     The temple, adorned with images of Hindu dieties, was built as such so that it can be seen from afar and so that Hindus can pray from a distance. All entering the temple should remove their shoes.


Hindu priest

     Inside the temple are smaller shrines for different Hindu dieties. Some had priests out front giving their blessings. The altars were colorful, filled with flower offering for their gods.


Children at play

     We were lucky to have witnessed a wedding at the temple. The couple as well as all their guests were dressed so extravagantly and colorfully! The ambiance was so festive, with everyone smiling and looking their best! :)

At the exhibit

     There was also an ongoing exhibit about Vishnu that featured an interactive game about his various incarnations and some songs dedicated to them. Photos of Hindu celebrations were also showcased. Near the end of the exhibit was a shrine adorned with colorful flowers and displays. 

     Our Little India experience was fun and enlightening. It was nice to know and see such a rich culture! Their practices and beliefs are so different from ours but are very interesting.

    After our short trip to Little India, we headed to Sentosa. From Bugis station, we again alighted at Outram Park and rode to the end of the purple line, the Harbourfront Sstation. From their we went to Vivo City and took the train straight to Sentosa. 

The Merlion

Mosaic Walkway

     First up is the Merlion Walk, a 120-meter long mosaic walkway, where you'll meet the famous Singapore icon, the Merlion at 37 meters tall. Before heading there, we bought our tickets to the Songs of the Sea at 7:30pm. We were sold premium tickets which cost 15sgd since the standard tickets were already sold out. 

     Our trip to Sentosa will not be complete without trying the luge and skyride. 

The Luge!

     The Luge and Skyride combo costs 12.50sgd each. We had to ride on the skyride to get to top, where we'll navigate our luge (part go-cart, part toboggan) down a 650 meter winding trail.

Skyride :)

     It rained so hard for about 30 minutes. Our friends got worried that we got drenched under the heavy rains! Good thing we were still in line when it poured. We just waited for it to stop before lining up again.

Fun at the Luge

     The luge experience was awesome! It was a blast going downhill fast. Hehe! We wish we went on the longer trail which had more turns. :p 

     After the thrilling (but short) ride, we met up with our friends and went on the tram to get to Siloso Beach. Here, you can try beach volleyball, skim-boarding, kayaking, cycling, rollerblading and other cool beach activities. We just walked around though, contented with taking photos. :p

Siloso Beach

At the beach

     It was almost time for the Songs of the Sea so we hopped on the tram to get there. Good thing there was a tram because the beach was quite far from the show area.

Sentosa tram

     We grabbed dinner at McDonalds before watching the light and water show. We had chicken nuggets with, guess what?? curry sauce! Haha! :D They didn't have the usual barbecue sauce that we have here. Everything just had to be spicy in SG. Haha! :D

Songs of the Sea

     Songs of the Sea is a multimedia show with a live cast, pyrotechnics and great effects like flame bursts, water jets and lasers. 

     It was about Li awakening Princess Ami with his singing powers. Li and his friends encountered 3 Lords of the Elements: the Mighty Lord of Fire, Lady of the Sea and Spirit of the Light. Oscar the Tiger fish and other sea creatures also helped Li in his quest.

Oscar the Tiger fish

The Mighty Lord of Fire

The Spirit of Light

The Lady of the Sea

Princess Ami

     The 25-minute show was great! We liked the effects and the enchanting music. It's amazing how they put up this one-of-a-kind production! :)

Sentosa rider

     Instead of taking the MRT (there was already a long line up the MRT station!) we rode the Sentosa bus, straight to Singapore Flyer. There we met Sir Johti, a very kind Indian who generously lent us his cellphone so we could call our friend. 

A moving experience at every turn

Welcome to Singapore Flyer

     We bought our Singapore Flyer tickets at a cheaper rate. From 29sgd, we got ours at 25sgd, thanks to the kind sir Johti we met at the bus. 

     Singapore Flyer is the largest observation wheel in the world! It stands at 165 meters from the ground and allows visitors to have a panoramic view of the Marina Bay and the whole city. There are also shops, food stalls, restaurants at the base of the wheel.

Journey of Dreams

     Before going on the Flyer, visitors are treated to this pre-flight gallery called Journey of Dreams. It showcases the history of Singapore and how the Flyer was put together.

Oneiroi's Orb

The Numeric

     After the gallery, we're now ready to go on the flyer! There were 6 others who joined us in the capsule. Each capsule can accommodate up to 28 passengers. The view of the Singapore skyline at night is breathtaking -- with all the brightly lit buildings and famous landmarks like the Marina Bay Sands, the Esplanade, Helix bridge and a lot more! ^_^

Singapore Flyer's Capsule & City Lights

View from the top

     When we got down, we looked around the souvenir shop and was glad to see the "Press your own Penny" machine. We had a similar souvenir from Cebu's Edge Coaster and Skywalk.

Pressed Coin

Happy campers :D

     Our day 5 was so full! We were able to go to three places in a day. Haha! We had lots of fun at Sentosa and at the Flyer. We loved the view of Singapore at night from the capsule -- truly unforgettable!

     Our trip to these places were well worth the time and effort. :)


  1. Merry Christmas Mar and Leslie (tama ba?)! :)
    I wish you more travels to come! :)

  2. I've been in Sg for countless of times and have yet to visit Little India. Will be trying to go there by next year. =)

    Btw, Merry Christmas to you and your family! =)

  3. @Christian: magdilang anghel ka sana sir.. hehe! xmas wish namin makita ka personal.. :D merry christmas sir! continue inspiring others like you inspire us! cheers! :)

  4. @Tin: you should see the temples! they're nice and interesting to see.. :)

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year too! :)

  5. Love the lightshow! I have yet to see that the next time I visit SG.. :) Btw, there's Haji Lane in Little India that has a chocolate store named Blue Ribbon. I wish they're still in business 'cause I love their artisan chocolates!

    Merry Christmas and have a wonderful 2012!

  6. Wow, ang galing nyo naman at naexplore nyo ang Little India. Sana next time magawa din namin yun. :)

    Btw, saan ba yung Siloso Beach na sign? Hehe gusto sana namin magpapic dun kaso di namin nakita! o_O Ang linaw ng pics sa Songs of the Sea. Ang linaw! :D

    PS. Nakakatakot ba ang Luge? Takot kasi ako sa heights pero gusto ko itry. :)

  7. @Sumi: wish we could've tried their chocolates! and other delicacies! We hope you have a great new year! and that we'd meet at one of Openrice's eat's a date =D

    @Karla: a few meters lang from the tram stop un Siloso sign :)
    matagal bago nakuha un right settings sa Songs of the Sea hehe! buti umabot =p
    The Skyride+ Luge was fun! straight ahead lang kami nakatingin while on the skyride haha! di naman ganun nakakatakot ;)

  8. hello! we're planning to go to SG this year, and im so excited to watch songs of the sea :) however, na sad ako pagbasa na soldout agad pala ung regular tickets nila. what time po pala kayo nagbuy kaya naubusan kayo? thanks! hope we can buy the regular ticket when we get there :)

  9. we arrived around lunch time.. though may regular tickets pa naman for the last show.. para sa first show un binili namin :)