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Monday, February 21, 2011

Taylor Swift Live in Manila!

Taylor Swift Live in Manila
Araneta Center, Cubao
February 19, 2011

     It was November of last year when we heard that Taylor Swift will have a concert here in the Philippines. We immediately asked Ticketnet regarding the ticket prices and originally decided to avail of Upper B tix since the other tickets are costly. Unfortunately, they were sold out. Good thing that there are still available slots for general admission (Taylor Swift is indeed popular!).

Four general admission tickets ^_^
     We were already in Cubao by 4pm and planned to go to Gateway Mall first but decided to line up instead after seeing the loooong queue for the concert. We ate snacks (McDo haha!) in line. Crammed the burger and fries in the bag since we ran out of time.. It was our turn to go in before we knew it.. Hehe! :)

 Araneta before the concert :)

     We braved a mini stampede before we got inside Araneta. General admission was already full when we had our seat (5 o-clock position from center of the stage, not bad!). We waited for about 2 hours before the concert started.

Binoculars are sold for P60

FYI: Taylor Swift's Manila concert is the 5th stop on Taylor's "Speak Now" Asian Tour which started in Singapore last February 9. 

     Sam Concepcion did the opening act for Taylor Swift's concert at 8pm. He performed a song and dance number. We waited for an HOUR before Taylor came out on stage (but it was worth the wait!) :)

It's worth the wait! :)

      We loved her performance! Nice voice! Cute songs! Pretty dresses! Couldn't hear her too much though, the audience sang with her on all her songs throughout the whole concert. Parang assignment ng mga bata na dapat saulo nila ang lahat ng kanta bago pumunta ng concert. Hehe! :D It was a sight to remember when the crowd sang along with her while waving their glow sticks.

Taylor Swift in the house! ^_^
Taylor Swift's concert set list:
1. Sparks Fly
2. Mine
3. The Story of Us
4. Back To December/ Apologize/ You're Not Sorry
5. Better Than Revenge
6. Speak Now
7. Fearless mixed w/ I'm Yours
8. Fifteen
9. You Belong with Me
10. Dear John
11. Enchanted
12. Long Live
13. Love Story
Like a barbie doll :)

     Taylor Swift also made the crowd go wild when she started singing her hits especially when she went down to the stage while performing "You Belong With Me". She even uttered the words "salamat" and "Kkmusta kayo" during the concert, expressing her gratitude to all her Filipino fans.

A fan showing some love for Taylor :)

From Taylor Swift's Twitter account:
Manila, I adore you. And how loudly you 
screamed and sang during tonight's show! 
Pretty much my favorite sound ever. 
Still smiling!! 

      After the concert, we then had a quick dinner at KFC with Tonie, Bhimmie before heading home at 1am. We can't wait for Bruno Mars!

      Until our next concert experience! =D

MarLie: We may not have met when 
we were FIFTEEN, but I do believe that 
YOU BELONG WITH ME as I belong to you.
LONG LIVE our LOVE STORY as we travel
through life on a WHITE HORSE.
So, let me SPEAK NOW and tell you that
I Love You and that you're the best
thing that's ever been MINE! <3


  1. woot! a traveling couple with a blog! keep it up! ♥

  2. ms. chyng! thank you for inspiring us.. god bless! :)

  3. Wow! ^_^ Ang bilis naman maubos nung upper box b. 0_0 Its a good thing nakakuha kayo n general admission tickets. Though dumaan pa kayo sa mini stampede, mukhang worth it naman. I wish nakanood din ako. Hay.

    Btw, nice blog! :) Its great to see a blog of a traveling couple ^__^

  4. thank you! ^_^ parang gyera nga ang pinuntahan namin dun.. hehe! buti talaga worth it ang pagpunta.. :)

  5. hey..good morning

    by feb 19 i'm gonna be there at araneta for evanescence concert..i'm planning to really have a closer seat from the stage but my friends who will accompany me can afford only the gen ad fee...so i decided to be on gen ad too. i was there at araneta once (and that was college school summit) and as far as i can remember --we seated almost at the upper part so i guess that was the gen ad place. i was wondering if i can see it -the concert- if im gonna be there at gen ad seat , search the net and thanks to your blog i found out it was good...thank you for sharing your experience and i'm looking forward to be there at the concert....

    xoxo..dark angel

    ps:i love taylor swift too..to bad i wasnt there at her concert

  6. @dark angel: hope you have a fun concert experience! =)