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Thursday, February 17, 2011

16th Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta

Up, Up, and Away
Clarkfield, Pampanga

     We've been wanting to go to the hot air balloon festival since last year. Finally, our most awaited trip pushed through thanks to Tonie! :)

 Our tickets to the Fiesta :)

     We spent the night at Tonie's and left at 3am, had breakfast at Jolibee NLEX, arrived at Clark Field, Pampanga at around 5.30am just in time to see the hot air balloons being prepped for take off! We squeezed our way through the throngs of people to get a closer view of the vibrant balloons. 

 Hot air balloons preparing for take off!

Give me some fire! :D

     We liked the inverted balloon, darth vader’s head, the barn and the giant snowman hot air balloons! Too bad darth vader’s flight was short-lived.. too big? haha! :D Here are our shots of the balloons...

 Mr. Barrel Man

 Upside Down

 Mushroom House ^_^

 Darth Vader!

 Mr. Snowman

 The Barnyard

     We then went around after all the balloons took off. We had photo shoots at the different exhibits like old jet planes, trucks with heavy artillery, and with men in uniform. haha! :D

   Mr. Joe ^_^

 Our trusted buddy, "Canon!"

 with the Philippine Coast Guard (wacky pose!)

     Next: lots of waiting in line for the free picture, mini hot air balloon for our souvenir, and a small kite. 

Our free souvenir picture from Global Gateway Logistics City

 Mini hot air balloon souvenirs

 Our own kite! ^_^

     We then joined the many others who flew kites! Got excited when we were able to fly our own kite :) 

     Too bad we were not able to ride the hot air balloon but it was a memorable experience for us! 'Til our next adventure! :) 

  MarLie's Travels invades 
Hot Air Balloon Fiesta!



  1. Hello po...
    Ganda naman... sana makapunta ako next year.
    Taga Pampanga ako perodi pako nakaka punta...
    Salamat sa Pag-Share...:)

  2. Hi Tripper10, thanks for visiting our blog.. :)
    Ganda talaga dito, pag pumunta ka next year dapat maaga para makita mo lahat ng hot air balloons.. may spot din na pede kang sumakay ng libre kaya lang hindi namin natry yun.. hehe! :D