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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Viaje del Sol: Casa San Pablo

     For our fourth anniversary, we thought of going to somewhere special where we can relax and enjoy. We first considered trekking Taal Volcano but since there was an alert level, we researched for other places. We came upon Viaje del Sol, and we loved its concept - doing a popular art and culture tour! :)

 Viaje del Sol - The Way of the Sun

     Literally translated as “The Way of the Sun,” Viaje Del Sol references a traveling route map that treads from Manila to Laguna, Batangas, and Quezon. It features 18 places which consist of a wide variety of commercial abodes, gastronomic finds and artist havens.

 Viaje del Sol Map

     Viaje del Sol offered various tourists spots but we had to choose from the 18 places since we would travel by public transportation. We chose to visit and explore Casa San Pablo first and we don't regret it! The place was very homey, relaxing and serene.

     We took a bus to Lucena and got off at San Pablo Medical Center along the highway. We then rode a tricycle (30php) to Kay Inay Resort where Casa San Pablo is.

The Spot

     "Casa San Pablo is a country inn surrounded by Baguio-like pine trees and sprawling lawns. Avid art collector and hobby enthusiast Boots Alcantara and his wife An Mercado-Alcantara, writer and magazine editor, are the innkeepers. The inn reflects their pursuit of contemporary and eclectic junk-turned-art and literary collections." - from Casa San Pablo's website


     Casa San Pablo (CSP) is a perfect place for relaxation. Our timing was perfect since there were only a few others at the inn. We loved the art featured in the dining area as well as the furniture made out of wood scattered on the property. It was a breath of fresh air! A break from city life. =)

 Happy Campers :)

Main Pavilion

     People in Casa San Pablo are very friendly and hospitable - it felt like HOME. We were greeted at the Main Pavilion where we were introduced to a new term and our new discovery - The Bed and Breakfast. B&B offers a more personal experience than staying at a hotel - it is lodging in someone's private home that makes it a unique experience.


     The beauty of Casa San Pablo lies in their cozy rooms and picturesque yard. We saw antique wooden doors and windows, old flat irons, mail boxes, wood carvings, paper mache horses, bronze carabao skull, oil and watercolor paintings, wooden sculptures. It is like an artwork exhibit! :)

Old Fire Alarm

Bronze Sculpture

Wooden Carving

Works of Art

     Each room in Casa San Pablo is different - from contemporary to folk-art to literary collections, none of them are alike. Guests can even choose the type of room they want based on size, theme or ambiance. Even their comfort rooms are styled artistically - using old side mirrors! :)


 Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

     What we love most about CSP is the Baguio-feel that it brings us because of the pine trees dotted in the yard. Imagine being in Baguio -- but only 2 hours away from Manila! We also loved the hammocks, perfect spot for relaxation, appreciation of nature and for star gazing. =p

Under the Trees

     CSP also offers a reading station where you can get any book you want provided that you return 'em =p Feels a lot like home!

Outdoor Library

     While we were in CSP, we were served breakfast -- sunny side up eggs, tocino, crunchy dried fish with vinegar and hot chocolate which we loved so much! We'd love to go back just for the yummy hot choco! hehe!:)

Breakfast Time!

Big Breakfast

     And lastly, who could resist not taking pictures in this beautiful property that the owners generously share with outsiders whom they consider as guests. (such hospitable individuals!) They had such nice, unique pieces -- good for photo ops haha! :D


Lovin' it!
     What a way to celebrate our fourth anniversary -- quality time doing some nature lovin' =) Just laid back and relaxed. We're so happy we found out about this place. Wish we could visit the other places featured in Viaje del Sol on that day.

 To 4 years and more! <3

     It was nice to spend the day just being lazy =p Good food, homey place, fresh air, hospitable people -- couldn't ask for more! We had a refreshing break from work! Loved the simplicity of our mini vacation. Pure bliss! <3

4th on 04/18 <3

Casa San Pablo
Barrio San Roque, San Pablo, Laguna
Contact Nos. 0917-8126687, 211-2132


  1. hehe very cute post, and full of love too!
    used to remind me of my favorite type of accommodation back then. pag mellow na ulit ang mood ko, will surely visit this place too! =)

  2. thanks Chyng! where did you go that was similar to CSP? it's not your favorite type of accommodation anymore? hehe!
    thanks again for inspiring us! =p

  3. Thanks for staying with us at Casa San Pablo. And thank you for sharing how much you enjoyed it. We would be glad to help you discover other parts of Viaje del Sol.

  4. We really enjoyed our trip to Casa San Pablo and we're hoping to be back soon and try other places from Viaje del Sol as well.

    Thanks for visiting! :)

  5. Uy yan ang first post ko sa blog ko =]
    Nasubukan nyo yung Lechon de Pugon? Yum!

    Jan kami inabutan ni Ondoy dati, no choice kami but to stay 2 nights, kahit wala na kami pambayad oks lang kay sir Boots, sa Manila na kami nagbayad ng payment. =P

  6. @Christian: hindi namin natry ung lechon de pugon =( ...ang bait no sir Boots! glad to have discovered the place :)

  7. hi, just want to ask where can i get a VIAJE DEL SOL MAP?

  8. As we know, maps are available in every destination of Viaje del Sol.. :)