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Friday, July 29, 2011

Café Noriter

Welcome to Noriter!

     It was on a stormy day that we went to Café Noriter. We were planning to go there for quite some time now. It's just unfortunate that Typhoon Juaning decided to join us on the day we were to eat at Noriter. But she can't stop us! We pushed through with our plan and took the LRT to get there.


Sweet couple =p

     "Noriter" is a Korean word for playground which truly embodies the feel of the place. Around the room are stuffed toys, quirky works of art on the walls, fun lighting, and doodles from the customers themselves. The overall feel of the place is playful, fun and cheerful. :)

Cupssss =p

Own design

     Scattered around the whole cafe are cups designed by the customers. A non-expensive way to decorate the place while showing off some really good works of art, right? ;)

Cute wooden figures

     They have these cute wooden figures on little ladders used to label places and things like the comfort room, coupons, and nooks. We found them really fun and one-of-a-kind, adding to the playful feel of the cafe. :)

Marlie <3

     This is the only place we know that allows diners to doodle on certain areas. Haha! The floor, wooden rails and walls of the nook where you can sit on the floor are full of writings, drawings as well as art if you could call 'em that :p

You are =p


     The tables were simple, much like study tables. Haha! Under the glass are cute pictures, fun phrases and unique memorabilia. There's an area where you take your shoes off and sit on the floor (on a mat or on a soft pillow) and eat on a low round table. On the far end is a nook with a bench type of seating where a group can enjoy their drinks and desserts. There is also an area with a big sofa bed where you can relax, read and munch on food.

Table for two

Busy playground ;p


     They have tea, coffee on ice, frap blended cream, frap blended coffee, (either short or tall; hot or cold) smoothies, sandwiches, cakes and breads. They offered a lot of choices so we found it hard to order what we like. :p

On the menu

Coffee and pastries

     There were a lot of customers that day since the classes were suspended because of Typhoon Juaning. We were a bit disappointed because by late afternoon, only the fraps were available. Too bad we weren't able to try the honey bread. :( Maybe next time? :p


Mocha frap blended coffee

     It was nothing like Starbuck's mocha frap but it was also good! The mocha was a little too strong but was balanced by the sweet whipped cream and chocolate syrup. :)

Green tea frap blended cream

     This was a hit! (unlike the green tea we ordered at Happy Lemon which was too strong =p) It was cool and refreshing! The tea flavor was just right, perfect with the sweet whipped cream on top.

Choco caramel frap blended cream

     Caramel-y goodness! This is a hit for all caramel lovers! Add to that the chocolate = heaven! Need we say more? =p


     We liked that it wasn't too sweet since our drinks already had enough of that taste =p It was a little pricey though, given the serving size.

For MarLie


Happy at Noriter

     We enjoyed our stay here at Café Noriter! We were just surprised and disappointed that they ran out of sandwiches and pastries.. Nonetheless, it was a nice experience. We had fun doodling and eating on the ow table muck like the Koreans. Haha! We'd love to go back when the weather is good and there would only be a handful of customers inside =p

'Til next time =p

Café Noriter
2nd Flr. Reyes Bldg., Estrada St. cor. 
Taft Ave., Malate, Philippines
Operating Hours: Mon - Sat: 10:00 am - 9:00 pm
Contact No.4895223


  1. Good find! Dami ko nalalaman na resto sa blog mo ah =]

  2. Thank you sir! Matagal na naming gustong pumunta sa place na ito, buti natuloy kahit may bagyo.. :)

  3. Nafeature nyo na pala Cafe Noriter. Matagal ko na talaga siya gustong puntahan kasama ang mga former officemates ko who are into Kpop, hehe. :D

  4. Set a date na hehe! =) Cute yung place, unique ang design and they serve yummy drinks and snacks!

  5. cute nung place. my sis said its nice nga daw!

    1. yep, simple but unique! love their concept :)