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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Café de Lipa: A Filipino Coffee Company

Cafe de Lipa!

     Lipa City is known for Kapeng Barako, a very strong flavored, aromatic coffee. And here at Café de Lipa, not only do they offer this unique coffee, but a variety of other great tasting beverages and pastries too! Cafe de Lipa is also a Philippine-based coffee company -- Pinoy pride!

     We chose to try their drinks, a perfect ending to a cool afternoon. It is only a short walk from Lipa City Bus Stop. The place is also quite secluded, away from busy roads - a nice and quiet getaway!:)

Out front

     Café de Lipa offers a simple place to relax. Inside, there's a long table, like a bar where you can sit in front of the window or you may choose to sit on the warm, inviting wooden chairs and tables. Outside are more seats, as well as cushioned ones by the smoking area.


     You can already smell the aromatic smell of coffee by the entrance! The place is clean, and the baristas and servers all have smiling faces. The ambiance is warm and inviting. =)



     Cafe de Lipa offers various beverages such as perfezza (cold and hot), celleto, barako, and speciale (different kinds of tea). Then there's mood coffee with such fun names: Happy, Companion, Perk-up, Mischievous and Barako. Aside from the drinks, they also offer pastries like Pili Nut Bar, Tableya Bars, Calamansi Crunch and lots more! If  you want something a little more heavier, there's Asado or tuna-filled pandesal and Deli sandwich.

All sizes!



     We ordered the Strawberries and Cream celleto, Choco Truffle perfezza, Tableya Revel Bar and Blueberry Cheesecake. We also borrowed this book called 501 Must Visit Destinations, a very interesting read! We found more places to add to our list of must-see/visit destinations! =)

Choco truffle

     Choco Truffle [Tall - 95, Grande - 115, Venti - 135]. This coffee based drink is not for the faint of heart. It has a very strong taste, kind of bitter but balanced by the chocolate. We didn't expect that it would taste so strong but it was still ok, tolerable. :) Better pair it with a sweet snack to soften the taste =p

Strawberries and cream

     Strawberries and Cream [Tall - 120, Grande - 135, Venti - 155]. A complementing blend of tart berry flavor and sweet creaminess with the interesting addition of strawberry fruit bits to enhance the sensory experience. We loved this concoction! It tasted like Selecta Super Thick Classic - strawberry flavor! 'twas creamy, sweet and tasted like candy! :)

Blueberry Cheesecake

     Blueberry Cheesecake [69php]. Heaven in a cup! salty, sweet, tangy = yummy dessert! It would've been better if there was less gelatin and more cream cheese.. and if it was served in a bigger cup. Hehe! =)

Tableya Revel Bar

     Tableya Revel Bar [55php]. Crumbly on the outside, gooey on the inside! The texture was perfect. Each bite was a mixture of soft chocolate, crunchy nuts and brownie crust. It also tasted great - just the right amount of sweetness =p It was good with the choco truffle drink, it balanced the strong, bitter taste of coffee.


Perfect for a great afternoon

     We had a great snack time at the cafe - the place was warm and cozy, the drinks and pastries were just right for our taste and the servers were accommodating. These all made for a great afternoon: lounging, sipping on coffee and munching on fave desserts! :)

Cafe de Lipa: A Filipino Coffee Company
32 San Carlos Drive, Mataas na Lupa, Lipa City, Batangas
Phone: +63 43 7562340
Web: www.cafedelipa.ph


  1. We'll visit this next time we're in Lipa. =]

  2. Punta din kayo sa Corito's Garden sir.. Excited kami sa mga shots mo dun.. :)

  3. i tasted their strong kapeng barako at MOA and it was my last coffee ever haha. i'm no longer ok to drink coffee coz i just found out that i have a stomach problem already but at least it was their coffee that I got to taste the last time.

  4. aww..i hope you get better soon, Karl! so you could drink coffee again =)