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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Casa Roces Malacañan

Casa Roces Malacañan

     From Cupcakes by Sonja, we took the Fort bus to Ayala, rode the MRT to Cubao, transferred to the LRT and went down Legarda station. We then walked to the Malacanang Palace until we reached Gate 3, in front of Casa Roces. Whew!:/

Entrance to Casa Roces

     Casa Roces is literally right across the street of the Malacañang Palace. The restaurant and cafe was only recently renovated from an ancestral house of a family of artists and writers.


     Upon entering the property, a serene pond with a unique artful piece in the middle of it greeted us. The door was also an eye catcher! It looked like a castle door with the matching ring for knocking. The door frame was exceptional with the intricate metallic design. A welcoming sight indeed! =)

 Grand centerpiece

     There were two entrance passages to the restaurant. The first one was at the left side for those who brought their cars. Upon entering, they'd see this grand centerpiece of a unique flower arrangement coupled with the beautiful chandelier. There were also framed photos on the walls which gave a homey feel.

The bar

 Scrumptious desserts! ^_^

     For those on foot like us, this is the scene that greeted us. There was a bar type counter, a display for the cakes and pastries and a nook where they sell jewelry, books and other novelty items.


     The whole place was homey and simple but the different corners had various themes. On one end is a long, sofa that seats up to three persons coupled with a simple brown table and chairs on the other side. On our nook, there were benches and a wooden table. At the center of the room, there's a round table with comfy seats, good for two. The mix and match of furniture was a unique attribute of the dining area.

     Like our experience at Gayuma ni Maria, diners are given choices where they'd like to eat. They offered al fresco dining with a garden feel. There were also rooms perfect for groups on the second floor. The function rooms could also be used for meetings, receptions and the like.

Dining on the porch

     The space for al fresco dining was simple yet relaxing, thanks to the trees and shrubs as well as the work of art in the garden. The area looked refreshing because of the plain, green seating and glass topped tables.

Simple, Sassy


     On the first floor is a big, well lit space for diners. Around the room are framed photos of some members of the Roces family, some keepsakes as well as books. There's a nook where some antiques are displayed which looked really nice because of the bright yellow painted shelves. On the far end, the clean and spacious comfort rooms are uniquely labeled Caballeros and Damas.

Bold and beautiful

Formal affair

     We were accompanied by one of the friendly staff members of the restaurant. She gladly toured us on the second floor and took our pictures. She said that the President, with his staff, has already dined here. The room was formal yet still cozy. It featured a long table that seated 8, with yellow themed dining ware and an elegant chandelier for ambient lighting.


Kape Chino

     They offered food whose recipes were passed on from generation to generation. Some of the meals were: kare-kare, bulalo, pork ribs and they also offered sandwiches, soup, pasta, breakfast meals, and merienda.

     All looked great and sounded delicious! Can't wait to try some of them :)


     For that afternoon, we decided to share a salad, a plate of pasta and a big bowl of bouillabaise. It was more than enough for the three of us! And we wouldn't leave without trying one of their pretty desserts.

Crispy Lengua Caesar Salad (145php)

     Crispy Lengua Caesar Salad. Classic salad of romaine lettuce, garlic anchovy dressing topped with crunchy deep fried ox tongue croutons.

     The lettuce was fresh and crispy, perfect with the flavorful ox tongue and crisp croutons. It was a good appetizer, preparing us for the undoubtedly yummy meal ahead. =p

Spaghettini Gambas Ala Jillo (195php)

     Spaghettini Gambas Ala Jillo. Sauteed shrimps and garlic on top of angel hair pasta.

     The pasta was well cooked, al dente and flavored just right. The sauce was okay though it got a little too spice at the end - there were chili flakes you see -- and the gambas were great -- plump, juicy and had a lot of flavor! The bread was a little too crunchy though but was still good with the strong taste of the spaghettini.

Bouillabaise De La Casa Roces (210php)

     Bouillabaise De La Casa Roces. Seafood stew in a tomato broth.

     This was one appealing dish with the bright red sauce and the big shrimps! Couldn't wait to dig into it! The bouillabaise was sweet, tangy and sour, while the shrimp -- juicy, plump and filling! Good thing we did not order more since this was enough for the three of us.

White Chocolate Sansrival (135php)

     White Chocolate Sansrival. This dessert both looked and tasted good! The serving portion was big too which is always a plus. =p The combination of the crunchy almond, soft, sweet white chocolate was a feast for the palate!

Sago't Gulaman (80php)

     Sago't Gulaman. Tapioca pearls and jelly cubes with brown syrup on crushed ice.

     It was a sweet and refreshing Pinoy drink, perfect with our strong tasting meals. We loved how soft the jelly cubes were and how they complemented the small tapioca pearls.


Tired but full and happy ^_^

     Casa Roces gave us a simple yet unforgettable dining experience! Thanks to the courteous staff, especially the lady who eagerly toured us and took our photos, the homey feel and unique design of the home turned restaurant and of course, the fabulous looking and tasting meal! It was one tiring yet fun, filling day! :)

Three is never a crowd

Casa Roces Malacañan
1153 J.P. Laurel corner Aguado Street,
San Miguel, Manila
632.735.5896 * 708.4020


  1. Grabe, malayo layo pala ang biniyahe nyo pero mukhang worth it naman! ^_^

    Kapitbahay ko lang ang Malacanang nung college pero hindi ko alam tong restaurant, hehehe. :D Sayang! Mukhang masarap ang Spaghettini Gambas Ala Jillo! :D

    Btw, ninominate ko kayo sa blog ko for the 7 links project: http://astoldbykarla.com/2011/09/07/7-links-project-blast-from-the-past/ :)

  2. It's amazing how you came all the way from the fort just to dine here. I, on the other hand, live about 3 blocks away from casa roces but never really tried. haha. Talk about food enthusiasts.XD. but this made me want to eat there.

  3. mukha syang formal dining, pero pwede naman pala naka tshirt lang =P

  4. @Karla: yep lahat na ng public transpo at naglakad pa haha! We just knew about this resto sa blog and decided to give it a try.. worth the effort naman ;)
    Thanks for the nomination! Appreciate it! =)

  5. @SalvadorRoars: Our trip here was planned days before hehe! Going here should be easier for you so try to dine here the soonest! =p

  6. @Christian: natawa naman kami sa comment sir. wala namang dress code sa restaurant nila. :)

    btw, congratulations for being chosen as one of the top 6 photographers for the "assignment". we're crossing our fingers that you will make it to the final two! update us! hehe! :p

  7. yeah talk about that door, huh. it's the first thing I noticed seeing your photos. it makes the establishment grand. gives it a sense of authority with its service. where do you, guys, find your eat out nooks? galing.

  8. what a grand entrance, right? :)
    we find out about these interesting places through other blogs..can't wait for the next new eat out nook hehe!

  9. Haha thanks Marlies!

    Teka pano ko nga ba kayo tatawagin? Mar and Lie? Tama ba? =P

    Cut off for submission is 12noon today, ang bagal mag upload ng photos kinakabahan tuloy ako hehe

  10. Sulit ang Byahe kung ganyan ang sasalubong sayo...:)

  11. @Christian: Hahaha! MarLie is short for Mark and Leslie.. :p We hope you make it! We're rooting for you.. Woot! Woot! ^_^

    @Tripper10: Nawala ang pagod namin after makita ang place at matikman ang food.. You should try it! :)

  12. Ah! Mark and Leslie pala, Marlie for short na lang =P

    Thanks Marlie! Sana pagpalain =)