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Friday, September 16, 2011

The Shop Around The Corner

The Shop Around the Corner

     Before going back to Manila, we decided to have snacks at this intriguing shop around the corner even if we just had late lunch. Haha! We've come across this place many times and wondered about it, so now, we got the chance to eat here! Finally! :p

Up the stairs

Welcome! ^_^

     The Shop Around Around the Corner (TSAC) is a simple cafe in Lipa City, literally on the corner of CM Recto and Kap S. Luz streets. The entrance is on a busy street and up the second floor of the building.

Cozy place

     TSAC is not your ordinary cafe. It offers a cozy place to hang out and relax. They have a spacious area with a mix and match of furniture which makes for an interesting lay out. There's also a nook where they sell jewelry and other goodies. Artworks are also displayed on the walls. Simple home decors adorn the cafe.

For sale



     The atmosphere here is warm and inviting. The cafe has hardwood floors, simple chairs and tables as well as soft, comfy sofas on the corner. On the far end is a shelf filled with books, magazines and games customers can borrow. Another perk is their free wi-fi! ^_^

Reading nook

Games and books



     TSAC not only serves pastries and coffee but pasta, sandwiches and snacks, too. They offer a wide variety of beverages, hot or cold, and sweet desserts - perfect for the afternoon! :)


Cookie jar =)


Ready! ;p

     We had a plate of pasta, two kinds of pastries (which we chose based on the name and description. Hehe!), two cold drinks and a hot cup of choco.

Tulingan fettuccine (100php)

     Tulingan fettuccine. A unique dish of sinaing na tulingan sauce with fettuccine noodles. We wanted to try this since it's our first time to encounter such kind of pasta and we didn't regret choosing it! It was a treat! It wasn't oily nor fishy, the pasta was cooked just right and the sauce good, salty and tasty, perfectly pared with the bread sticks.

Devil's food cupcake (35php)

     Devil's food cupcake. We loved how it looked -- and tasted of course! It was a so rich and packed which we didn't expect it to be. That's a good thing though. The slightly burnt meringue on tip gave it character and a unique flavor.

Cheesecake Marble Brownie (55php)

     Cheesecake Marble Brownie. Two pieces aren't enough! The brownie was really soft, moist and smelled good! The chocolate and cheese was a great combination - sweet and salty! The flavors complemented each other well --would've wanted one more piece. Haha! :D

Belgian waffle Solo (100php)

     Belgian waffle. We also had a single order of Belgian waffle with whipped cream, chocolate syrup and a big slice of butter. We smothered the whole thing with the cream and melted butter and it tasted fantastic! It could've been more appealing and more delicious with fresh fruits but we can't complain. We enjoyed this immensely even if we're already full! ;p

Chococcino (60php)
White Mocha Dream (125php)
Tsokolate eh! (50php)

    The Chococcino was good, smooth and creamy with matching marshmallows and chocolate syrup. The White Mocha Dream was stronger, and quite bitter -- the real coffee taste and the Tsokolate eh! perfect, sweet and just full chocolatey goodness. :p



     Time wasn't just enough! We found about the cool games late and didn't have time to enjoy them, it was already getting late. But we enjoyed the food as well as the service. The large cookies and big chunks of brownies on the counter looked really good but we were already so full! Wish we went there earlier and on empty stomachs so we could have more of what they had to offer! We'd love to come back and try the other items on the menu. =D

Emo! Haha! :D

The Shop Around The Corner
Retail Shop - Custom-made Furniture  
Interior Design - Cafe and Gelateria
2nd Level C.M. Recto Ave. corner Kap. S. Luz St. 
Poblacion, Lipa City
Mon - Sun: 12:00 pm - 10:00 pm
Email: tsatc.cafe@gmail.com
Phone: (043) 757-4580


  1. Nice, ang ganda ng concept ng lugar. :) Free wifi and games pa. Sayang kasi ang layo, hehe.

    Malapit ba sya sa Brgy. Lodlod? Taga dun kasi brother-in-law ko at minsan sinusundo or hinahatid namin sila ng ate at mga pamangkin ko pag umuwi sila sa bansa. Sabihan ko na dumaan kami dito if ever. :)

  2. thanks karla! :) malapit lang sa lodlod, sa may lipa proper ito mismo.. sana magkita-kita minsan.. :)

  3. Nagutom naman ako bigla...:)
    Ganda ng Place..

  4. @Tripper10: the place was simple but nice! you should visit it.. the food was great! :)

    thanks again for dropping by! ^_^

  5. Wow, malapit lang pala sya sa Lodlod. :) Sige, tanungin ko ang ate ko kailan sila babalik dito. Kakauwi lang kasi nila last year galing UAE, hehe. Sana makapunta dyan ulit. ^_^

  6. ayos! balitaan mo kami kapag pupunta kayo ulit sa Lipa.. :)

  7. reminds me of a place in cubao x, nice find na naman ah!

  8. Where in Cubao? Para ma-visit din namin hehe! :)

  9. There's a funky corner in Cubao called Cubao X, hangout ng mga artsy and hipster types (kahilera sya nung lumang COD) =)