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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Bel Piatto

Bel Piatto

     We've tried most, if not all, of the good restaurants in Lipa. It was now time to move on to another city to try and find other great places to eat. Our first stop: Bel Piatto Cafe & Bistro near SM City Batangas.


     Bel Piatto Cafe & Bistro is a simple restaurant that offers meals from breakfast to dinner. It is an ideal place to enjoy a sumptuous meal and to relax over a cup of coffee. THe place is very accessible and has an inviting facade. You'd think that they serve expensive food but we thought that we got what we paid for and more! :)


Lounging area

     The ambiance is warm and cozy, thanks to the earthy, neutral colors and the comfy seating. They have simple, wooden chairs and tables as well as a nook with soft, comfortable sofa chairs on the far end of the resto, perfect place for enjoying coffee. The place is clean and well-ventilated.

Tables for 4


     Bel Piatto offers a variety of Asian, European and American inspired appetizers, entrees, and desserts, all with a Pinoy twist. They also have hot and cold coffee, frappuccino, even cocktails and wine! :p



On the table

     We had pasta as well as rice meals so we could try a variety of food. We also tried one of their desserts and shakes. :) We liked their Menu since it has photos of the different meals and drinks! Everything looked so delicious!

Pomodoro Pasta (170php)

     Pomodoro Pasta. Oil base meaty tomato and basil sauce, topped with fresh chili tomatoes, served with slice bread. 

     The pasta was al dente and well flavored. This is perfect for those who love spicy foods. The bread on the side was perfect to tone down the spicy flavor of the spaghetti. :p The dish could use some more sauce without too much of the chili though.

Pepper-crusted Fish Fillet (155php)

     Pepper-crusted Fish Fillet. Two strips of cream-dory, crusted with lemon butter, fresh pepper served with aioli dip sauce. 

     The fish fillet was so soft, tender and flavorful! You could taste the butter which was good! It was seasoned well and cooked just right, made more delicious with the aioli dip. The veggies on the side were good, too..crunchy and not over-cooked.

Italian Tempura (160php)

     Italian Tempura. An Italian version of buttering a 4pcs prawn using beer really enhances the flavor of the prawn when frying. 

     This was a sure hit! It was a different take on our favorite ebi tempura! The prawns were plump and big, with a tasty covering! Unlike the Japanese version, this one doesn't need too much sauce. It was already flavorful all on its own! Just wish there were more. Haha! :D

Blueberry and Banana Pancake (99php)

     We made this breakfast dish our dessert hehe! And it tasted as great as it looked! The pancake was soft and yummy, perfect with the tasty blueberries and butter. This dish was gone in a matter of minutes. Haha! ^_^

Banana Split Mocha (139php)

     We loved this drink! It also served as our dessert! It was rich, creamy and perfect for the warm afternoon! It had whipped cream, a drizzle of chocolate syrup, cherry, and a slice of banana. The combination of textures and flavors was great!


Happy diners =)

     Our Bel Piatto experience was perfect! The place was great, the staff was friendly and accommodating and the food was just awesome! They exceeded our expectations and that's saying a lot! Next time, we'd love to just lay back and enjoy coffee while browsing on the net with free wi-fi. :p

Bel Piatto: Cafe & Bistro
Pallocan West, National Highway, 
Infront of SM Batangas
Contact Number: 722-2236
Website: www.belpiattocafebistro.com


  1. yey! we were just here last weekend when my friends and i spent a night at lobo, batangas. love the good food here :)

  2. I should really try going out of the Metro for foodtrips more! :)

  3. @Gladys: hope we could try the other good restos, too! thanks for visiting!

    @Berylle: yep! so you could try other great delicacies =)

  4. wow, naubos na lahat ng kainan sa Lipa? amazing!

    seems you picked a real good resto ha. everything was a hit! ay mali, it was perfect pala =)

  5. RAPSA!!!.. like ko try yung Blueberry and Banana Pancake at Banana Split Mocha,.. :)

  6. I like a menu with photos, for you'd know what to expect. The Italian Tempura looks divine!

  7. @chyng: sa Batangas City naman ang food hunt hehe!
    the food at Bel Piatto looked and tasted great! satisfied diners hehe!

    @Tripper10: sobrang sarap nun pancakes and shake! worth it!

    @Pinay Travel Junkie: the tempura was our fave dish =D