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Monday, February 20, 2012

The Moon Garden Cafe

Two Hearty Meals at Moon Garden

     We had two meals when we were in Moon Garden. Our first was dinner during our first day stay and the other was a hearty breakfast included in the package.

On the menu

     They had a simple menu, one for breakfast, one for dinner or lunch. Breakfast meals included Filipino Style Breakfast (Homemade Corned Beef, Crispy Espada, Crispy Adobo Flakes, Crispy Paksiw na Bilong-Bilong, Cripsy Longganisa, served with scrambled egg, pickled veggies, and garlic fried rice) while the other menu served Garden Style Breakfast (A choice of egg, bread basket with butter or cereals). They use the freshest ingredients which make for a very hearty meal! :)

The Dinner

Dinner by the hut

     We decided to have our dinner in this hut -- as was mentioned in our previous post, it was surrounded by a pond with numerous lilies and plants. Dinner was just so relaxing! :)


     The sofas were comfortable and soft, coupled with equally comfortable and colorful pillows. The table was low though but we didn't mind. :p

Comfortable Sofa

The Food

     For our dinner, we had Crispy Pork Binagoongan and Pasta Ratatouille. For the dessert, we tried their Frozen Ripe Jackfruit with Molten Chocolate. :) 

Crispy Pork Binagoongan (220php)

     We liked the taste and texture of this dish. It wasn't too salty like expected and the meat was the right bite size, was tender and moist. It smelled really good, too! We could use more rice though. The serving size was too small for the flavorful viand.

Pasta Ratatouille (220php)

     The pasta was cooked perfectly, just the right thickness and consistency. The tomatoes and zuchini though were sliced too big for our liking, but still tasted great with the sliced black olives- earthy and tangy! We love the finely grated parmesan cheese, too. It was a filling, healthy veggie dinner. :p

Frozen Ripe Jackfruit with Molten Chocolate (120php)

     This was our favorite dish. Haha! The frozen jackfruit was chewy and really cold, perfect with the molten chocolate! This plate full of fruits was gone in a matter of minutes! We really loved the chocolate that we finished the bowl with our fingers. We could have another plateful of this sumptuous dessert! :p

Dinner at Moon Garden 

Perfect Night! ^_^

     The ambiance was great, the night was cool and breezy, the music was soothing, the noises of the insects calming, the food was great -- all these made for a perfect night! :)

The Breakfast

Homey Hut

     We specifically asked if we could have breakfast in this hut since we had our dinner at the other hut and they readily agreed. We had to go down a few steps to get to this hut. The seating is different in that it was u-shaped and made out of stone with cushioned pillows to sit on. 

The Food

     We could choose from Filipino style Breakfast or Garden style breakfast. Since we like a heavy breakfast, we chose the Filipino style, served with rice. :) The Garden style with bread and cereals just won't do -- what with our big appetite. Haha! ^_^

Crispy Longganisa

     The longganisa though small was packed with flavor, the vinegar perfect with it. Again, wished there was more rice. Hehe! ^_^

Crispy Adobo Flakes

     The crispy adobo flakes tasted really good, paired with the scrambled egg - a nice combination of flavors. We ordered another cup of rice to finish our tasty viands. here's nothing like a hot, traditional Pinoy breakfast! :p

Sweet Pineapple

     Dessert was as healthy as can be -- fruits! We were served pineapples which Tagaytay is known for. We wanted to have the jackfruit with chocolate again but unfortunately, they don't serve it during breakfast. 

Coffee and Tea

     For drinks we had melon shake which was creamy, refreshing and yummy! We also had coffee and tea which were equally good -- great breakfast drinks! :)

Breakfast at Moon Garden

Hearty breakfast

     The morning was bright and cool, the food was filling and delicious, the service was great and the whole experience was memorable! We hope they can have a more extensive menu in the future so diners could have a lot to choose from. :)

Moon Garden
SVD Road, Brgy. San Jose, Tagaytay
Contact Number: +63 917 502 3118
+63 939 913 9097
Email: moongardentag@gmail.com


  1. romantic and serene. looks like you celebrate v-day weekly no? hehe stay in love! ♥

    ay wait, i have friends from bohol na dadating in manila. gusto daw nila mag-tagaytay. san nyo marerecommend kumain?

    1. Everyday is a Vday for us.. hehe! :p

      We do recommend Moon Garden! They will love the place.. :) Tagaytay has a lot to offer! We only tried Sonyas Garden and Bag of Beans.. :)

  2. sumptuous comfort food+ great ambiance= perfect! :)

    Love the hut especially at night :)

    1. Moon Garden is magical at night! You should visit the place.. :)

  3. Ang cute ng Moon Garden! ^__^ Parang hidden paradise talaga. Ang ganda din ng concept nila ng dinner sa huts. Ang cozy! :D

    Malapit ba to sa Olivarez College, Tagaytay? :) Hanggang dun lang kasi ang alam ko na pag commute from Cavite, hehe.

    1. Malapit ba ang Olivarez College sa Olivarez Plaza? Haha! :D Dun kasi kami sumakay ng tricycle papuntang moon garden.. :)

    2. Yup, alam ko malapit lang dun! :D S

  4. hi! keep it up, ur blog's wonderful! I also blog but it's just for anything that comes to mind. your entry bout SG & Malaysia is very helpful! =)

    1. thanks for the kind words slimtrain! :) we're glad to be of help to others through our blog.. thanks for following! ^_^

  5. Hi! love you blog about Moon Garden.Ask lang if included nba yung breakfast sa overnight stay sa casita! Thanks =)

    1. yep! breakfast is included sa overnight stay.. :)