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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Sonya's Garden: Country Bed & Breakfast

One of a kind garden

     Health comes to mind whenever the freshest ingredients are used. And what better way to experience a healthy diet than at Sonya's Garden. We've been wanting to dine here and the plan pushed through when we recommended the place to our dear friend Pius.

     The clouds were gloomy and the cold breeze seems to invite rain. But as usual, we don't let the rain ruin our day. Our umbrellas to the rescue! :p

Serene Haven

Thought to ponder

     Sonya's Garden is a restaurant, cafe as well as a bed & breakfast. It used to be a private garden, then the owner decided to have it opened to the public after being convinced by her family and friends. And thanks to them, we were able to share in their lovely experience at this place.

Bread for sale

     They also have a Panaderia serving freshly baked bread and other goodies like cookies, and traditional Pinoy snacks such as monay, putok and ogoy-ogoy. The smell of these baked goods hits you once you enter the simple panaderia and invites you to try them! :)

Sensuous Spa

     On the far end of the garden is Sonyas's Sensuous Spa surrounded by luscious greens and an earthy fountain. The great looking landscape and serenity completes your spa experience! You'd surely feel relaxed after a good massage and a refreshing environment! Near the spa is the souvenir shop with items like oils, handicrafts and various trinkets the owner got from her travels around the world.

Brick pathway

Marlie <3

     From the entrance is a pathway leading to the greenhouse-like restaurant. Some letters are carved on the stone path and we were surprised to see one with "MARLI" on it! :) 

     Plants are also scattered around the place that make the space cool and refreshing. By the door to the dining hall is a small pool with bright red and yellow flowers, as well as different colored, house-shaped mini lanterns which make for a vibrant walkway!

Natural Beauty

     The other pathway leads to more function rooms and the cottages / bed and breakfast. There's a nice daybed with drapes around it and surrounded by vine -- feels like you're in a magical forest! :p The garden is just so rich! with various kinds and colors of flowers, big and small plants and trees.


Restaurant Entrance

     If you want to try the restaurant, make a reservation. The offer a sit-down type of buffet and serve all-natural, healthy meals which includes bottomless fresh dalandan juice, salad, bread, pasta and desserts. It costs 610php per person.

Dining Hall

     Unique and fun-looking chandeliers, along with white drapes, hang on the ceiling which makes the restaurant a bit more interesting. On the right wall are wooden panels with capiz -- showcasing traditional Pinoy woodwork. The whole area is just so conducive for quiet, as well as healthy dining. :p

Up front and center

Cute Chandeliers

     There's a waiting area near the comfort rooms with this large, wooden daybed with nice, intricate carvings. Instead of male and female signs, they used paintings to indicate which comfort room is for boys and girls. :p

By the restrooms


     Almost all the ingredients are home grown, straight from their garden! You know that everything's fresh. It's a sit down type of buffet. You can ask to refill the toppings for the salad, bread and pasta. The meal comes with bottomless, freshly squeezed dalandan juice which is not only healthy but so delicious, too! :p

Salad Toppings

     For starters, you'll be served with a bowl of fresh green leaves with a myriad of toppings to choose from placed in ceramic cups. Toppings include mangoes, cubed melon, eggs, cucumber, broad beans and pineapples. We especially liked the sweet mangoes, melon and crunchy broad beans. The dressing is Sonya's Garden's secret. :p

Sesame Bread

     Next is freshly baked bread from the panaderia. To go with the bread, they have basil pesto, anchovies, white cheese, mushroom pate and black olive tapinade. We loved the mushroom pate, and the flavorful basil pesto! The texture and taste were perfect with the whole wheat sesame bread! 

Do your own pasta

     Next on the menu is the pasta, served in a glass bowl with a wooden, pineapple shaped fork! We loved this concept! Made the dining experience more fun! You can either have the white sauce: chicken cream with mango, or the red sauce: sun dried tomatoes. Toppings include salmon belly, shiitake mushrooms, capers, black olives, ratatouille and grated parmesan cheese. We were already full so we were only able to grab a few bites. :p

Sumptuous Desserts!

     Lastly, the desserts! We had a small slice of homemade chocolate cake -- which wasn't enough so we got another. Haha! :D And a plate of banana rolls with sesame and jackfruit and glazed sweet potato. The cake was nice and moist, the chocolate on top was just divine! It looked and tasted great! The banana rolls were not crispy anymore but still tasted ok.

     They served us with tarragon tea after the desserts. The tea was nothing like we've tasted before - really refreshing and kind of minty. Tarragon tea helps in digestion and also enhances the mood! What a perfect ending to our hearty meal! :D


Healthy and Satisfied! ^_^

     We had an amazing time at this wonderful, not-so-secret garden. The food, though not our usual food choice was great! We never thought we'd enjoy healthy food this much! We were able to taste new flavors which we enjoyed! Thanks Pius for bringing us to this paradise! :) The rain can't dampen our mood right? :p

Health buffs? :D

     We hope we could try the whole Sonya's Garden experience, with the spa and bed and breakfast! That would be a perfect, relaxing weekend getaway! :)

Sonya's Garden: Country Bed and Breakfast
Barangay Buck Estate, Alfonso, 
Cavite, Philippines 
Contact Number: +63-9175329097 
Email: info@sonyasgarden.com


  1. Ang cute ng restaurant door. Parang entrance ng secret garden, hehe. :D Naku, ang dami kong hindi pa napupuntahan kahit sa Cavite lang din ako, hehe. Bilib talaga ako sa inyo! ^__^

    Siguro mag eenjoy din kayo sa Bohol Bee Farm. Yung sesame bread parang pareho din sa herb bread na sinerve sa bee farm at sabi nung isang guest parang Sonyas Garden din daw ang ambiance. :)

    1. Explore natin Cavite! Let's go! We're sure may mga hidden gems din dyan! =)

      We'll try to visit Bohol Bee Farm pagbalik namin dun hehe! Alam namin maganda din dun masarap ang food! c: