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Friday, March 9, 2012

Lego Exhibit: Star Wars

LEGO Star Wars

     We've grown up playing with Lego and watching the Star Wars films and we were excited to see the exhibit at SM North Edsa - The Block. Seeing the toys at the exhibit brought out the child in us. The Star Wars Lego Exhibit started last February 25 and will last until March 11, 2012. :)

Galaxy far, far away

     Did you know that "LEGO" is the abbreviation of "leg godt", two Danish words that mean "play well"? It has been an established brand, started out in 1932. All of us have enjoyed playing and creating with these LEGO blocks! 

     Star Wars has been a pop culture phenomenon since it was first released in 1977. From this, video games, books, television series and toys were created. It's fitting that LEGO made a series out of this popular hit! :)

Battle at Endor

     On the right side before the entrance is a battle scene at the forest moon of Endor, between the Ewoks and scout troopers. The scene is made more alive with the bright green Lego trees, troopers and Ewoks with their weapons.

Ewoks versus imperial AT-AT

Ewok battling an Imperial scout trooper

     On the other side, aircrafts are featured like the famous Millennium Falcon as well as Jedi Starfighters. A lot of toy collectors have shared their passion to others.

 Space vehicles

AT-OT Walker


     After exploring the outside, we then headed to the dark room where the other toys from various different Star Wars Lego collectors were featured. Thanks to these generous collectors, we were able to see these one-of-a-kind pieces! It's a nice experience seeing the scenes from the different sequels of the Star War movies through lego formations. Each display was intricately done, you can see that a lot of effort was put in to the exhibit.

Pod Race

     Above is a big lego creation showing off the stand where the troopers watched the pod race in the movie Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace.

Collection by Rein Avena

Jabba's Sail Barge

     Tatooine is the home planet of Luke and Anakin Skywalker, appearing in most of the Star Wars films. It's mostly a desert, so the pieces here are sand in color. :p Included here is Jabba's sail barge, used to sail the dunes of Tatooine.


With the settlers

On patrol

     Another part of the exhibit features a factory like place where the vehicles are assembled. The small details are fun to look at! They make it as 'realistic' as possible. Hehe! :p

Behind the scenes

At work

Starfighter in the making

Millennium Falcon

     One of the bigger displays shows the battle between the troopers and the Republicans, complete with their ground attack vehicles! The attention to details is great! The scene looks action-packed! :p

Ground Battle

     In Star Wars movies, we always look forward to the battle scenes. There's so much action, thrill and excitement. The graphics are cool, too! The creators really have brilliant minds! :p

Ready for battle

Hailfire droid


Fun at the Lego exhibit

     Though the exhibit was not that extensive, we still had fun! We've wanted to go see these LEGO exhibits, especially the one featuring places all over the Philippines. It's great to see such scenes made out of LEGO blocks! :)

Lego Exhibit: Star Wars
SM City North Edsa, The Block
EDSA, North Avenue, Quezon City,


  1. I like viewing LEGO exhibits but I never got to own a set.. >.< I want to gift my god child LEGO blocks, but they're quite expensive.. :(

  2. we'd love to collect, too, but sadly these kinds of toys from Lego are expensive..we'll just settle with admiring others' Lego collections hehe!

  3. These toys and collectibles brought me back to childhood days :) It was such a memorable experience for the two of you enjoy to admire and behold them all you want! See you next time lovers!

    1. you'll be coming with us next time, right? =p 'til our next date! hehe!

  4. sabi na nga ba, it looks familiar eh. sa The block nga. galing! ive been wanting these pieces when i was young. di lang namin afford. hehe til now wag nalang din ^_^

    1. wait, panu mo nalaman sa the block? hehe!
      Lego is more expensive now..sayang :(

  5. Replies
    1. nagkataon lang na nasa the Block kami nun hehe! no idea din na may ganun dun hehe!

    2. sana may mga announcements, parang yung sa philippine lego lang dati :P

    3. oo nga sir! sayang nga gusto din namin yung philippine lego.. :( kapag may nabalitaan kang ibang lego exhibit, sabihan mo naman kami sir.. salamat! :)