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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Bag of Beans: Coffee Shop & Bakery

B.O.B. :)

     It was still drizzling when we finished our late lunch and after roaming around Sonya's Garden. Since we love trying out new restaurants, we headed back to Bag of Beans which we passed on the way to Sonya's Garden. We heard that they had great coffee, desserts as well as a nice ambiance.  Read on to see what the fuss is all about :)


     Bag of Beans is not just a coffee shop and bakery but a garden restaurant, too. They serve all-day breakfast, rice meals, pastas, a variety of baked goods and desserts. They also offer a wedding package for newlyweds who want to have their reception here. It's along Aguinaldo Highway and is easy to spot. 

     Once you enter the bakery, the aroma of coffee and freshly baked good greets you, as well as a glass display of some of their delicious desserts. You'd then be ushered in a small open space, much like a balcony, overseeing the garden below. You can either choose to stay inside the small cafe or outside the garden. They have ample seating areas and each uniquely designed.


The Bakeshop

     The garden downstairs was spacious and so relaxing! There were odd flowering plants all around that bring color to the place. By the corner is a birdcage with a myna bird which sadly was quiet that time. Hehe! It probably was not in the mood because of the rain?! We wanted to stay out but the rain didn't let up.

Al fresco dining

Out on the patio


     The indoor restaurant was simple and didn't have any elaborate decorations. The room was dimly lit, perfect for a relaxing afternoon tea -- or coffee. :p 

Indoor dining

     They had simple wooden chairs and tables, good for a couple or for groups of 4 to 8. In keeping up with  the garden theme, the centerpieces were small vases with fresh flowers. There were also white drapes and lanterns that give the room a yellowish glow.

     On the far wall is a uniquely shaped table coupled with round stools, all seemed to be carved from a tree. At the center of the table is a basket with balls of varying sizes and design. There's also an area with a traditional Filipino bench with soft, white throw pillows -- a nice area for reading or for simply laying back.

Tree wood

Pinoy sala


     We like the variety of food they serve! They have all-day breakfast which includes bacon or sausage and egg, omelette, and meals called Sunrise breakfast, Country breakfast and breakfast sampler (combo of pancakes, hash brown, omelette). They also serve Pinoy breakfast: the different -silog's! Grilled meat and fish are also available served with steamed veggies, and choice of mashed potato, garlic fried rice, fries and salad. If you want a lighter meal, they have a myriad of pasta you can choose from: lasagna, seafood pasta, pasta with cream sauce, one with garlic and mushroom, even veggie pasta! :)


     To go with these yummy sounding meals, they offer hot beverages like freshly brewed coffee, barako coffee, cappuccino and the like, as well as cold ones like iced tea, fruit and milk shakes and cold versions of their hot beverages. For dessert, you can have a banana split, cheesecakes, chocolate mousee or panacotta. Oh and different kinds of pies are also available for those who don't want too much carbs. :p


     Since we were already full from our hearty meal at Sonya's Garden, we had Banana Walnut pancake, blueberry cheesecake and house blend coffee. Pius wanted to eat rice so he ordered tapsilog.


     The tapsilog was served with veggies on the side as well as atsara to go with the tapa. We liked how tender and flavorful the tapa was! We thought that it would be a little tough since it was not cut thinly but it really was tender, juicy too!

Banana Walnut Pancake

     Three huge pancakes, with a big dollop of butter, soft banana slices, crunchy, crushed walnuts with maple syrup on the side. We were surprised at how big the serving was! We probably were used to the size of panckaes from fast foods. Haha! :D The pancakes were so soft, the bananas sweet and the walnuts added texture to the otherwise plain pancake. The two of us had a hard time finishing this since we were already so full. Haha!

Blueberry Cheesecake

     We really liked this dessert! It was so cold and smooth. The heaps of blueberry on top complemented the sour cream cheese and sweet graham well. Every bite was a delight! Wish we could have had more, if we weren't so full, that is!

BOB Hot Chocolate

     We got their hot chocolate which tasted really good. It was rich and creamy, not too sweet -- just the way we like it. Having hot choco on a cold, rainy (and foggy!) afternoon was great! We also loved the mugs their hot beverages were served in! :p


Happy Trio

     We hope we can go here when it's not raining so we can experience dining out at the garden. We still had fun, though! The service was great, the ambiance was relaxing and the food -- sumptuous! We'd love to try their baked goods and other bestsellers the next time we go there! :)

Bag of Beans: Coffee Shop & Bakery
115 Aguinaldo Highway, Mendez Crossing West, 
Tagaytay City, Philippines 
Contact Numbers: +63922 873 9686
+63920 954 6370 


  1. I miss this place.. and those yummy looking Banana Walnut Pancakes made me drool :)

    1. It's our first time there and we'd love to go back to try their other meals and desserts.. :)

  2. i like this place too, very homey. and to die for nga ang cheesecake! =)

  3. haha parang wala kayong kabusugan ah! sayang naulan nung pumunta kayo :)

  4. Di na namin naubos ang pancakes hehe!
    Sayang hindi tumigil ang ulan, di tuloy kami nakapag Pic sa garden hihi!

  5. love the place! it has this very homey vibe to it! :) Sana mkapag luzon buound ako soon :) followed you on google connect pala :D

    1. blog about it too when you get to eat at Bag of Beans! and thanks for following =)