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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Napa Restaurant & Bar

Napa Restaurant & Bar

     We have read a lot of raves about Napa's lava cake and that's one of the reasons why we wanted to dine here. Add to that the fact that their food is also much talked about.

Welcome :)

     Napa Bar and Restaurant is located at Scout Borromeo, South Triangle Quezon City. It was formerly at Il Terrazo and was called Bistro Napa. The new location used to be a house which they turned into this Napa Valley inspired resto. They offer Italian-American fare which most Pinoys love. They're is open everyday from 11am to 2pm and from 5pm to 1am.

The Ambiance

     The restaurant is very homey, with the dim, warm lights, yellow colored walls with hand-painted designs, colorful paintings and a spacious area. The room has a casual elegance, perfect for romantic dinners, simple family dinners, even for meetings. 

Dining area

Napa Valley-inspired

     The seating is a mix and match of brown and light green wooden chairs with red cushions, the tables simple -- not getting your attention from the beautifully adorned walls. There is also a big, plush sofa on one corner which makes for a very comfortable seating! Past the green wooden panels is an al fresco dining area with metal chairs coupled with glass-topped tables. They also have the brick oven there as well as the glass display of their desserts. 

Vineyard feel


     All around the restaurant are potted plants, paintings about nature, and hand-painted vines on the walls too. There's also a wine rack by the entrance. All these make for a rustic feel -- makes you wish you were in Napa Valley. :)



Warm lights

The Menu

Wine selection

     They offer the traditional Italian-American dishes: pizza, and pasta, as well as sandwiches and a variety of mouthwatering appetizers. The menu also includes soups and salads and for beverages: shakes, sodas and of course a selection of wine.

The Food

     We had a pasta dish and a chicken dish so we could sample the different foods they offer. We chose puttanesca and chicken cordon bleu. And of course, we asked for their famous lava cake for dessert. 

Puttanesca (195php)

     This pasta dish was very Italian with the sour tomatoes, fresh herbs and grated parmesan cheese. The al dente pasta was covered with bigh chunks of plump tomatoes and topped with our faveorite cheese, with crunchy, tasty garlic bread on the side. We were almost full by the time we cleaned off this plate. Hehe! ^_^

Chicken Cordon Bleu (375php)

     We love this meaty chicken with a crispy skin stuffed with creamy cheese and salty ham! The big scoop of mashed potato and the buttered veggies on the side were also a delight! We almost didn't finish this since we were so full!

Lava Cake (190php)

     There's gotta be room for dessert! This raved about lava cake can't be found on their menu so you must remember to order for it when you're there. Once you break into the smooth and warm cake, the cream, rich chocolate oozes out of it. It was perfect with the cold vanilla ice cream and the thin and crunchy cookie underneath it! We wouldn't mind coming back just for the lava cake. :p

Napa Experience

Sugar high!

     We truly had a great time at Napa! The ambiance was perfect! There weren't many others when we had our late lunch so it was quiet and we had the place to ourselves (almost). The staff were all kind and helpful, the service outstanding. And the food - superb! We had a hard time choosing since everything on the menu looked and sounded scrumptious! We hope we could eat there another time with friends. :D

Napa Restaurant & Bar
12 Scout Borromeo Street, 
South Triangle, Quezon City
Open daily at 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. 
and 5 p.m. to 1 a.m. 
Contact Number: 4148272


  1. that lava cake looks so delicious! and mura lng. maganda pa ang place. swak!

    1. the lava cake was soooo yummy! we loved the ambiance too :)

  2. looks good! but too expensive for me (again) :P

    1. yep, it kinda was.. pero once lang naman hehe!

  3. #napa lava cake! JuliElmo cake! :)