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Saturday, June 9, 2012

The Mind Museum

Where Science Comes Alive! :D

     Science has been our favorite subject in school and what better way to  experience science than to explore The Mind Museum that we have been  wanting to visit since their opening day. We knew that the admission price is quite steep but this is for the benefit of public school students and teachers. Plus, you can't put a price on learning, right?! :p

Come closer

What to expect :)

     The Mind Museum, an interactive world-class science museum, opened last December 2011 at Bonifacio Global City. The 250 fun exhibits is housed in a 5000sq.meter area. The museum is open from Tuesday to Friday, 9am-6pm and on weekends from 9am-9pm. 

     Tickets cost 700php for adults, 450php for private school students, 150php for public school students and teachers. An all-day pass costs 750php. Some rules to follow: no eating and drinking, no bringing of pets, no running. You can take pictures but make sure not to take too much time on an exhibit. ;)


     We then waited for our designated time for our museum tour. When it was our turn, the robot, Aedi (idea spelled backwards) greeted us and welcomed us into the museum.  Aedi told the visitors the do's and don'ts as well as some tips for an awesome museum experience! We were given three hours to explore the various exhibits.

    The Mind Museum is divided into 5 parts namely: Atom, Life, Universe, Earth, Technology. We'll take you through each one :)

ATOM: The Strange World of the Very Small

Story of the Atom

     This area contains contains the most number of interactive exhibits which feature elemental forces like gravity, electromagnetism and basis for our gadgets like cellphones, computers and medical technology.

Atom up close

     Exhibits include a static ball, whirlpool maker, electric table where a ring moves from one end to the other via magnetic field, Newton's cradle and a lot more!

     One of our favorites is this giant piece of chocolate and its molecular structure. We also love how they presented the table of elements by using everyday stuff like banana for potassium, match stick for phosphorus, etc. We also enjoyed the shadow box where we posed and our shadows are left on the wall for a few seconds! We were also amazed at how a pitch "looks" like! That was one interesting feature! :)

Anatomical structure of chocolate :)

Table of Elements

     The interactive exhibits are so much fun! We were like kids again tinkering with all the displays. Haha! :p

LIFE: The Exuberance of Life 

Come to Life

     This area features displays about different living organisms, cells, microbes, animals from centuries ago, how they evolve, how life is interconnected as in the web of life. 

Web of Life

     Exhibits here include a large butanding, minute microbes, an extra large tongue showing the different taste buds, gigantic human brain and many more!

     Our favorites are the human brain showing the various parts and what each part controls like emotions and such. We also like the interactive food chain or web! 

Prehistoric Men

Big Brain


     There weren't as many interactive exhibits here compared to the Atom Gallery but going around this area was still fun! We especially enjoyed playing with the Bernoulli's Principle (which explains how birds are able to fly) exhibit. :)

EARTH: Nature Across the Breadth of Time

On Earth

     The Earth Gallery features how our planet came to be -- how it evolved from billions of years ago up to the present. It also features the elements: fire (volcano), air (tornado), earth (quakes) and water (tsunami).

Across the Breadth of Time

     This is where you can find Stan, the first T. Rex exhibit in the country. On one end is the dinosaur display, from billions, to millions of years ago. Here, you can also watch how a tornado forms and how the different earthquake intensities affect structures. We were also able to watch a 3D film entitled Birthplace about the natural history of the world and was purely Pinoy made.

     Our favorites are the T. Rex which made us feel like we were in the Night of the Museum movie setting. Hehe! We also liked the exhibit on how a tornado forms -- with a swipe of a hand! :p

Stan, the T. Rex

Dinosaur Age



     Seeing the amazing T. Rex fossil was great! It's amazing how they were able to put it up -- even placing a staircase so we can see it up close. :) 

UNIVERSE: The Majesty of the Universe

Outer space

     This gallery features exhibits on stars, planets and other galaxies. On special feature here is the mini planetarium where you can watch a 12-minute show about how the universe and our planet came to be. 

Bright stars

     Some of the exhibits here are a giant screen showing the moon and its phases, the life of a star, a space suit, a small remote controlled moon buggy among many others.

     We loved the 12-minute show featuring the history of the earth at the mini planetarium as well as the mini moon buggy - we made it climb up a hill! :)

Our moon


The Solar System

     The show at the planetarium was cool - and relaxing too since we were lying down on soft cushions. Hehe! Be careful though, you might face a shoe Haha! :D 


At its best

     This area at the second floor features the works of imaginative and innovative minds - from letter presses, to wheels, to architecture designs, to robots!

Past to the Present

     A few of the fun exhibits here are the laser harp, guitar and racing games, robots, displays on architecture and math, a letter press, and one about a variety of odors.

     Our favorites are the letter press where we "pressed" the mind museum logo, the free mini arcade and the billiard table where you can never miss hitting the ball. Hehe! :p

Scientific definition of beauty



     Kids and the kids-at-heart will surely enjoy the technology part of the museum. There's an area with arcade games and a lot more fun and interactive exhibits. It was cool seeing science theories right in front of us. 

Souvenir Shop

     After the 3-hour tour, we then explored The Mind Museum Store where souvenirs can be bought. You can also have your picture taken in front of a green screen and choose a background. :)

Mind Museum Water Container

Hand-carved Animals


Scientist ka ba? Bakit? Kasi may Chemistry tayo. :p

     Exploring a museum was never this much fun! But thanks to the Mind Museum, learning is made more fun, interesting and exciting. Kuddos to the team who put up this first-class science museum! We hope that all the exhibits would all be in good shape soon. (Some exhibits were under repair) And we also wish that a lot of students, especially from public schools, would get to explore the Mind Museum!

     The exhibits here are impressive! The curators have done a good job in making this museum interesting and at the same time fun and entertaining! Kids would really love this place! Science does come alive in The Mind Museum! :) 

The Mind Museum

JY Campos Park, 3rd Avenue
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig
Tel. 909-MIND (6463)


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    1. thank you for dropping by KULAPITOT! :) we had an awesome time at The Mind Museum.. :)