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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Toast Box

Toast Box

     After a 6pm-6am shift, we met up to have breakfast. And since we haven't tried Toast Box yet, we decided to have our first meal of the day there. We just walked a few blocks from the hospital to get there. 

     Toast Box is originally from Singapore, established in 2005. Its concept came from coffee shops from the 60s to the 70s where breakfast included a cup of coffee coupled with freshly toasted bread. Toast Box now has branches all over Asia - Malaysia, Thailand, China and the Philippines. :)

The Ambiance

Clean & Comfy

     The place looked so bright and clean -- the interiors were white and relaxing. The smell of the coffee and tea wafting from the kitchen was so good! We took a seat near the counter so we can watch how they serve the meals and the tea. ;)

Warm & Sunny


     They had comfy sofas on the side, some arm chairs with a low coffee table by the windows and booth type of seats near the counter. In the middle are more seats for a couple or for a group of  4. The seating were all white and the sofas of earthy colors -- tan, brown and beige.


White & Bright

     Aside from the usual orders, you could also take out jars of delicious Kaya and their other products that go well with toast.

Coffee beans

More kaya!


On the board

     They have a variety of toasts, kopi and teh and aside from the toast box sets, they also have mee siam or rice noodles and laksa. The menu also includes a variety of sandwiches to choose from.

Taste test? ^_^

The Food

     We tried the famous Kaya toast box set as well as the Chocolate toast box set.

Chocolate toast with kopi

Kaya toast with teh

     The set consists of a toast, 2 soft boiled eggs and kopi or teh. The Kaya toast was a delight! Kaya is a food spred made from coconut and sugar. We liked how it was sweet and creamy, coupled with warm, crunchy toast. The serving was kinda small though for the price. We found the teh better tasting than the kopi. The way it was served is also interesting -- they call it pulling tea. This "pulling" or pouring the drink at height, back and forth between two containers helps cool it and mix the condensed milk and tea well. This technique gives the tea a better flavor.

     The chocolate toast was also good -- not as good as the kaya toast though. The sweetness of the chocolate, crunchiness of the toast and the smoothness and bitterness of the coffee was a nice combo.

Soft boiled eggs

     Then came the soft boiled eggs. We were given a bowl and the uncracked eggs. We haven't really tried them so we were quite hesitant. We were looking around to see what others do - to no avail. Haha! So we manned up, cracked the eggs in the bowl, put some soy sauce and pepper and gave it a go. It was okay but we didn't finish the eggs -- not fans. Hehe! The experience was fun though. :) Since we couldn't finish the eggs, we just requested to have them hard boiled and placed in a bag for take out. :D

Toast Box Experience

Tired but full! ^_^

     Despite the lack of sleep, we still had a nice time, thanks to the yummy toast! We just wish that the serving size was bigger -- we want more of the kaya toast and the teh! :) We had fun figuring out how we'd eat the soft boiled eggs. Haha! All in all, we enjoyed our short time here - our tummies were full (quite) and we're ready to head to our next stop!

Toast Box
BGC ECommerce Bldg 31st St. 
cor Rizal Dr, The Fort
Mon - Thu: 8:00 am - 1:00 am
Fri: 7:00 am - 12:00 am
Sat - Sun: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
Website: www.breadtalk.com/ourbrand-tb.html


  1. Toastbox in The Fort looks really comfy than the one in Trinoma! :D You guys made me miss Toastbox' kaya toast and teh.

    1. we love that combo! we thought the kopi would taste better -- we'd love to come back for the teh! and kaya of course :)

  2. im just around this area =)

  3. love the interiors and the place.. it's so neat and dainty :)

    1. the place is cool and clean! nice to have bfast in hehe =)

  4. Mukhang masarap nga yung toast nila. :) Especially the chocolate toast! ♥


    1. sana bigger lang hehe! nakakabitin ;)