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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Tutto Domani

Lifestyle Bar

     After having our early breakfast at Toast Box, we decided to try another cafe that's fairly new. We heard that not only is the food great but the ambiance and service, too. What's not to like right? :)

All for Tomorrow

Cafe Window

     Tutto Domani, which literally means "All for Tomorrow" in Italian, is not your ordinary cafe but a lifestyle hub, owned by brothers Anthony and Jose Ma. Yupangco. It's located inside a furniture shop, Domani, at the New World Renaissance Hotel, just across Greenbelt 5. They're open Mondays to Saturdays from 10am to 8pm.

The Ambiance

Dining Area

     The small space is made interesting with the myriad of colorful toys, trinkets and a wonderful display of cakes and candies. The seating is a mix match of chairs, with glass topped tables of varying shapes and sizes. The smell is really good, too! It's of aromatic coffee and tasty delights! (more on the food later. :p



     Not only do they sell furniture but a collection of toys ranging from Care Bear items, cartoon character miniatures, design-your-own-coin banks and watches and a lot more! They also have unique and useful items like the mighty wallet, solar lamp and an eye clock to name a few. 

Character Miniatures

Mighty Wallet

Lamp & Clock

     Once you enter the cafe, colorful and comfortable chairs sit by the window, perfect for having afternoon coffee. Past the wooden divider are bigger seating areas perfect for families or for a group of friends. The odd pairing of these chairs and tables make for a really interesting space!

Bright & Cheery!

Burst of Colors


On display

     They served a variety of sandwiches, pasta dishes, wonderful desserts and a selection of beverages including coffee, iced tea and hot and cold drinks. They also have soups, salads and bread to choose from. 

The Food

     We ordered a set meal so we could try a variety of what they offer. We loved how the food was served in a chunky chopping board which had carved holes for the glass dishes. We just loved the presentation! :)

Set meal

     Safron cream sauce with Rigatoni Noodles, grilled Angus beef patties on ciabatta with adobo, chips and salad. 350php

Safron Ccream Sauce with Rigatoni Noodles &
Grilled Angus beef Patties on Ciabatta with Adobo

     The safron cream sauce with rigatoni noodles was awesome! The big-sized pasta was perfectly cooked - al dente! The sauce was creamy and had a mild taste unlike what we were expecting (in a good way of course). 

    The ciabatta with Angus beef and adobo was bursting with flavors! It's best to eat the sandwich while it is still hot to enjoy the crunchiness of the freshly grilled bread and the smoky flavor of the Angus beef. Ours got cold since we took our time taking photos. Hihi! :p We almost didn't finish it since we were getting full! 

Chips & Salad

     The chips were crispy and tasty with the dip while the salad was really fresh and crunchy too! :)

Cold Drinks

     Our drinks were also served on a wooden board, with 2 small cups which we found adorable! The iced tea was good and refreshing -- perfect for our late afternoon lunch. :)

     Since we were still full, we shared the set meal and ordered a crepe as well as their famous crounds.

Mango Crepe

     The mango crepe was just divine! The crepe was soft, cooked lightly and was still warm, topped with sugar and cocoa powder -- which was good coupled with the cold cubes of sweet mangoes.


     These crounds are delightful! They're soft pastry filled with cheese and covered in butter and sugar. They serve 3 kinds: with peanut butter, cheese or chorizo. Since we've already had a burst of flavors, we had the butter which was light but still a feast to the palate! :)

Tutto Domani Experience

TD Addicts! ^_^

     We had so much fun at Tutto Domani! The place is one-of-a-kind with its quirky theme and adorable toys on display. They were visually appealing and interesting! We want to give props to our server who eagerly answered our queries and assisted us during our stay. We enjoyed the food and their presentation. We'd love to come back to try the other bestsellers! :)

Tutto Domani
A Lifestyle Coffee Bar and Pasticerria
New World Renaissance Hotel
Esperanza Street corner Makati Avenue,
Makati City
Contact Number: 811-6702
Opening Hours: Monday - Saturday (10am - 8pm)


  1. love the presentation too! :) Looks like a great set meal for breakfast! :)

    1. you have to try Tutto Domani, too! =) the food, ambiance, service are great! ;)