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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Fisherman's Wharf + Grand Prix Museum + Wine Museum

     We woke up very early to get the first trip to Macau. We left at around 5:30am and took a taxi to the  ferry terminal. (Good thing the driver can understand English! We were in a hurry!) We then headed straight to the New World First Ferry (NWFF) ticket booth but it was still closed. Early birds! Haha! :)

 Got our tickets! Yay! ^_^

 NWFF ticket to Macau

     While waiting for our boarding time, what else is there to do but to take pictures! =D

Brrrrr.... :/

     At exactly 7am, we were called to board the ferry. It was so cold -- felt like 8 degrees! The 1 hour ferry ride was ok, sans the alon moments but even motion sickness won't dampen our moods for an eventful day ahead!

Welcome to Macau :)

     We were greeted by Ate Lyn and Ate Jo, our kababayans, who would show us the must-see places in Macau! Time to ready our cameras!

Ate Lyn and Ate Jo
Lyn Montero - 0921 361 2766

     First stop: walking distance from the terminal -- the Oceanus. We registered (using our passports) and they gave each of us cards with free $50hkd to gamble (our first casino experience. yay!). We then chose our slot machine and played away. We won about $100hkd (balik taya lang! Haha!). We would have won more if we knew how the game works from the start. Too bad cameras are not allowed inside casinos. :/

  Our first casino experience :D

     After collecting our winnings, we walked to the Fisherman's Wharf on the Outer Harbour, the first theme park in Macau, which took five years to build. 

Entrance to the Fisherman's Wharf

    Next photo op: The Underground Amusement Center, the largest one in Macau. Exciting games include An F1 Simulator, Guitar Mania, Initial D Cycraft and lots more! With a total area of 950sq.m, the Underground Amusement Centre is currently the largest amusement center in Macau.

The Underground

     Walking further, we came across facades, buildings, architecture with a Roman feel. It was like strolling the streets of Rome!

Are we in Rome?! ^_^

Great Columns

     We also enjoyed having snapshots at the Roman Amphitheater, an outdoor colisseum which can seat up to 2,000. Wish we could have experienced watching a concert here :)

At the Amphitheater

Ruins of Rome =p

     Up next: The Vulcania, a 40m tall replica volcano which 'erupts' each night. This is where the Dragon Quest and River of Fire Rollercoasters are housed. Too bad it was closed at that time. :/

By the Vulcania

At the shopping area

     While walking, we came across this beautiful fountain and a tree which name we do not know. Haha! So many pretty sights to see! Walking around Macau is such a feast for the eyes!


Yellow tree?? ;p

     Next landmark: The Lotus Square or Golden Lotus Square, an open area that features the large sculpture of "Lotus Flower In Full Bloom" which marks the transfer of the sovereignty of Macau from Portugal to the People's Republic of China.

     The sculpture, made of gilded bronze and weights 6.5 tons, is 6 meters high and the diameter of the flower is 3.6 meters at maximum. The lotus flower symbolizes the everlasting prosperity of Macau. There are three layers of red granite at the base, which are in the shape of lotus leaves, signifying the Macau Penisula, Taipa Island, and Coloane Island.

 The Golden Lotus

     We just walk from the Lotus Square to get to the Grand Prix and Wine Museum. Resting is not an option. Haha! :D

 Museo do Grande Premio

     In the Grand Prix Museum, there are many historical pictures of splendid car races with Chinese, English and Portuguese explanations.

     More than 20 racing cars of the famous racing stars, electric-operated motor cars and the things used by the car racers all show to the visitors the history of car race in Macau in the past 40 years.

 Let's race! ^_^

 We're Number 1! =p

     Filipino pride! The museum also features Dodjie Laurel, son of the former Philippine president, Jose P. Laurel. He was the first two-time winner of the  Macau Grand Prix, winning it consecutively in 1962 and 1963.

Filipino pride!

     Adjacent to the Grand Prix Museam is the Museu do Vinho (Wine Museum). The museum includes displays of Portuguese wines and a wine tasting station.

Museu do Vinho

     The museum featured information about wine and grapevines. It aims to recreate the atmosphere of wine production, showing the modern and traditional tools associated with wine production.

Barrels of great wine

Some of the oldest wines

     We met some friendly, talented gentlemen (Portuguese we guess hehe!) who agreed to take pictures with us while serenading visitors and letting us borrow their guitars.

At the wine tasting station

     This is just the first leg of our Macau trip. So far, we have learned a bit about  its beginnings (thanks to Ate Lyn) and its rich culture in just a few hours! Surely, there is more to discover in this beautiful city! :)

     Watch out for the next part of the trip! ;)

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