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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Ngong Ping 360

     We took the MTR to Tung Chung Station, Exit B and walked a few minutes to reach the cable car terminal going to Ngong Ping Village.

 Welcome to Ngong Ping 360 ^_^

      Before entering, we felt proud after seeing the step with the Pinoy greeting :)

Maligayang pagdating :)

Getting a feel of the cabin :)

     We wanted to try their Crystal Cabin but it would be pointless since it was too foggy and we could hardly see anything! We availed of the Journey of Enlightenment Package for $176hkd. This includes a round trip Ngong Ping Cable Car journey and entry to Ngong Ping Village's Walking with Buddha and Monkey's Tale Theatre attractions.

Tickets, passes, maps

     Our second cable car ride! This is more exciting since the ride was longer and we were up higher! Too bad we couldn't see anything most of the way because of the thick fog.

     Ngong Ping Cable Car is a 5.7km bi-cable ropeway and the first of its kind in Hong Kong. Its journey begins from Tung Chung, crossing Tung Chung Bay to reach the angle station on Airport Island and turning about 60 degrees in the air towards North Lantau. We would have enjoyed the 25-minute ride more if the skies were clear.

View from our cable car

Inside the Ngong Ping Cable Car

     We finally reached the top! Hello Ngong Ping Village! It was so cold up there! But we loved exploring it nonetheless. This village is set on a 1.5 hectare site on Lantau Island, adjacent to Ngong Ping Cable Car Terminal and the Tian Tan Buddha Statue. It is a cultural themed village which has been designed to reflect the cultural and spiritual integrity of the Ngong Ping area. It offers several attractions - Walking with the Buddha and the Monkey's Tale Theatre - as well as various shops, restaurants and entertainment experiences.

     Our first stop was the attraction Walk with the Buddha since it would be closing in a couple of hours.

Ala Buddha =p

     Walking with Buddha in Ngong Ping 360 is an immersive, multimedia attraction allowing visitors to follow the life of Siddhartha Gautama - the man who became Buddha - and his path to enlightenment.

      The story begins with a unique Bodhi Tree experience in the courtyard. Through the mist and incense, the voice of the Bodhi Tree introduces the story of a man who asked himself "Who am I and why am I here?" This is the story of how a man named Siddhartha became Buddha.

     Walking with Buddha physically takes you on an immersive journey through Siddhartha's life. From the opulence of Siddhartha's Palace to the harshness of the Forest, you will feel as if you are truly 'walking with Buddha'. Travelling through the various stages of Siddhartha's life, you will witness his transition from being a Prince at Court to reaching supreme awareness and becoming Buddha.

     Continue onwards to the 'Temple', here we invite you to pick a leaf from the Bodhi Tree, which will be inscribed with a 'Bodhi Thought' for your contemplation.

     Your Walking with Buddha experience ends with a stroll along the 'Path of Enlightenment', which reveals the origins of Buddhism and allows you to track its expansion across the globe. You will also be enlightened as to the essence of Buddha's teachings through a variety of themed scenes and activities. -- from Ngong Ping 360's website

Headsets on!

     We felt refreshed after going on this 'journey' :) We learned a lot and was enlightened after reading and hearing about the life of Buddha. Each of us picked a quote from Buddha and got to make a wish after offering it to him. 
     We looked in some of the souvenir shops before watching the Monkey's Tale at 3:30pm.

Shows in 10 minutes

     The Ngong Ping 360 Monkey's Tale Theatre presents a charming and comical 'show' inspired by the famous Buddhist Jataka stories. Set in a magical courtyard under the branches of a majestic Bodhi Tree, this story will engage and inspire guests of all ages.

     The entry to this attraction is framed by traditional, decorative columns which are illustrated with painted monkey murals. Moving inside, you'll be enchanted by the ambience of a seemingly open courtyard, before finding your seat in front of the panoramic film screen which is artfully blended into a wall of stone carvings.

      Once the show starts, computer generated animation, combined with special effects and surround sound, will engage your senses and immerse you in the 'monkey's tale'. Be amused by the antics of the three monkey friends, as they travel on a journey of greed, gluttony and friendship. -- from Ngong Ping 360's website

Hey, monkey!

     We expected more from this attraction. We thought real actors would play the roles since the set was like that of a theater. Still liked it, though. =) 

     At the Bodhi Wishing Shrine, visitors get to write their wishes on a card (which you can get if you purchase at least HK$150 from any of the souvenir shops) and post it on the board.

 by the Bo tree

Make your wish come true!

"Who am I and why am I here?"

     While walking to Tian Tan Buddha Statue, cable cars of different countries were featured -- and of course, we grabbed the chance to have more photos =D




     It was foggy that day but there were times when it would clear up, still not enough to see Buddha though :c

Hazy view of Buddha

Tian Tan Buddha

     Next up: Ngong Ping Piazza. The piazza links up the various tourist attractions in Ngong Ping namely Po Lin Monastery, the Giant Buddha, Ngong Ping 360 Cable Car, Ngong Ping Village and Wisdom Path. The piazza offers visitors a resting place =)

At the Piazza!

     Next is the the 120-metre Bodhi Path which is flanked by statues of the "12 divine generals" and 40 lotus-shaped stone lanterns on both sides. Each of the generals represent a zodiac sign, and a certain time of day.

     For Mark - General CATURA, represents 1am-3am of the day and Ox of the 12 zodiac, and is armed with a sword

     For Les - General KIMNARA, represents 3am-5am of the day and Tiger of the 12 zodiac, and is armed with a rope.

With one of the "12 divine generals"

     While approaching the Buddha, the fog became thicker but that didn't stop us! We climbed up 268 steps to reach the Buddha! Whew! While walking up the steps, we should've had a view of Lantau and South China Sea but didn't. We caught a glimpse of the largest seated outdoor bronze statue of the great Tian Tan Buddha -- a breathtaking sight!

Before going up

At the top

     We waited for a while to see if the fog will clear but it didn't happen. We still took pictures though and explored the whole place. 

Shy Buddha

     Good thing, there were smaller Buddhas where we could have our pics taken -- the Six Devas :)

     The six bronze statues kneeling in dancing postures outside of the Giant Buddha are known as the Six Devas, or "mother Buddha". Each deva was holding offerings of flowers, incense, a lamp, ointment, fruit and music to express her tribute to the Buddha. The offerings also symbolize charity, precepts, patience, zeal, meditation and wisdom.

One of the six devas

     We went down but before going back to the cable car, we paid respect to the Buddha by going to the middle of the circle and bowing.

Bowing to Buddha

     Going up to the Ngong Ping Village was exhilarating! (loved the cable car ride!) Wished that the skies were clear though so we could better appreciate the view. Despite the fog, we enjoyed our trip to this tranquil community. =)

Ngong Ping 360
Tung Chung, Lantau Island, Hong Kong
Opening Hours: Weekdays - 10:00am - 6:00pm
Weekends and Public Holidays - 9:00am - 6:30pm


  1. Hi can I ask question?... how long is the "Journey of Enlightenment Package" ? the total time that you spent with this package... thanks for your response. if ever. :)