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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Kape Pilato Bistro Café

Kape Pilato

     Kape Pilato is a budding new restaurant in Malate, Manila. The interiors of the two-story establishment look high-end, really modern, and spacious! You'd expect that the food prices are high but they're affordable. They even have combo meals. =) And the food looks, smells and tastes great!

View from the top

     On the walls on the left of the resto are the words coffee in different languages like cafe, kope, caffe, and ko-pyi in French, Hawaiian, Italian and Korean.


     The chairs and tables all have modern designs, putting emphasis on clean lines, different shapes and the colors white, black and silver.

Modern-designed tables

     On the second floor are booth types of black and white seats, again with the modern feel, as well as a mini bar with bright cherry red seating. This area is perfect for big groups or families enjoying their meal. =)

Mini bar


     There's also a separate area with comfortable plush seats, a small sofa as well as chairs by the window. This space is made a little more private with the divider and is perfect for having drinks and snacks.


Reflections =p


     Kape Pilato is not your ordinary cafe that only serve pastries and fraps. There are different kinds of appetizers like: salads and tacos and for the main course: pasta, rice meals, even combo meals (served with iced tea and cake). They also serve hot and cold coffee and fresh fruit shakes. For dessert, they have cakes, pastries and bread.

Service area



     The food they offer have a variety of taste and appeal. The servings are good for sharing which as always a plus! They're interesting and are presented well. :D

Sweet and Sour Fish Fillet

Chocolate cake

     The Sweet and Sour Fish Fillet is so scrumptious! The sauce is thick and flavorful while the fish is tender and are cut in big pieces which is good. The veggies are also cooked perfectly and not overdone. The presentation was nice and appealing too. =) This Combo Meal (200php) came with a delicious chocolate cake with some nuts on top. It was a nice ending to a savory dish. :)

Carbonara Classica (135php)

     Aside from looking really good, the taste was superb too! There was enough creamy, tasty sauce and the noodles weren't soggy nor tough. There were also a lot of bacon bits, mushrooms and cheese on top which is a plus. =p

Sisig Pasta (145php)

     This is one unique pasta! No wonder it's one of their bestsellers. You wouldn't think that sisig could be mixed with penne pasta but it's really good! This is a recommended dish! =p

Ceasar Salad (148php)

     The green leafy veggies were fresh and crunchy and the grilled chicken fillet was tender and flavorful, a nice combination with the ceasar dressing.

Taco Salad (115php)

     The taco was soft and there was a lot of toppings! This would be good for a group of 3 or 4 who are looking for snacks to munch on =p The ranch dressing was sour and perfect for the salty cheddar cheese, taco meat and sweet tomato. The different textures and flavors was a good mix!

Strawberry basil iced tea (70php)

Guava basil iced tea (70php)

     These thirst quenchers were awesome -- very refreshing because of the basil and it was nice that it had some fruit bits, too. We could have more of those! It's just that we're too full. Haha! :)


Fantastic Four

     We all had a great time at Kape Pilato! We had the whole restaurant to ourselves and were personally attended to by the owner. The ambiance, food and service were just great! We'd surely go back and bring more of our friends! It was a memorable dining experience indeed! :)

MarLie and Tonie

Kape Pilato Bistro Café
1814 San Marcelino St. Malate, Manila
Mon - Fri:7:00 am - 9:00 pm
Sat - Sun:10:00 am - 9:00 pm
Contact No.: (02) 5161630
Email Address: kapepilato@yahoo.com


  1. I love the look of the restaurant! ^_^ It is very modern and the chairs look cute, hehe.

    Wow, if the combo meal is only 200 pesos, then it really is affordable! I would also like to try the Guava Basil iced tea. Another great find of Marliestravel! :)

    By the way, is it near Robinsons Ermita or Malate Catholic School? :)

  2. Hi Karla! We really loved the place! It feels like an expensive resto, right? But they have affordable dishes!

    It's near PWU. Here's a link of the location http://ph.openrice.com/manila/restaurant/sr2.htm?shopid=26613&mapType=1. Bring your friends! =)

  3. Another nice place to visit!

    Akalain mo may combo meals sila? =P

  4. sa ganda ng place, you wouldn't think they'd offer combo meals noh? =)

  5. i am yet to explore malate and i live in metro manila. shame.

  6. you've got to try Kape Pilato since you live nearby.. the place is great and the food is affordable.. :) try their sisig pasta.. :p

  7. Thanks MarLie for the excellent reviews! BTW Kape Pilato Bistro Cafe is searchable and now listed on MunchPunch. Pls. see the link below


  8. @Kape Pilato: we hope Kape Pilato would have more followers and visitors! :) congratulations for your success! :)

  9. Hi, I would like to ask kung nakita nyo rin b ang orange nest hotel its on the 2nd floor. oks din ba ang place na un.. I'd like to have a reservation on the hotel as a gift for my friend.

    1. sorry but we haven't been to the orange nest hotel..