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Friday, August 19, 2011

Earth Café

Welcome to Earth Café

     After the feast for our eyes at Pinto Art Museum, it was now time for a feast for our tummies! We're ready to try Earth Café's organic dishes after walking around the vast galleries. We're so happy that we were able to dine at Earth Café before it closed.

Garden Setting

Stone Pathway

      Earth Café, owned by Chef Ricci and Ms. Irene of
Laya, is inside Pinto Art Museum. Like at Laya, they serve organic dishes with fresh herbs as well as beverages. It is in the middle of a garden which is true to its name. You become one with the earth with the food you eat and where you eat, surrounded by lush trees and bushes, colorful flowers and a beautiful garden landscape.

More Art :p

Al Fresco Dining

     Earth Café has an outdoor kitchen, as well as seating by the garden. There are also seats inside the gallery for those who want to dine while appreciating the beauty of the displays. Inside the gallery are paintings, sculptures, and works of art using various media.


Tea light

     Earth Café has a set menu with 6 courses but we were too full for that so we just chose from their pasta and combos of soup and sandwiches. We had Mixed Seafood in White Wine cream sauce and combination of Hearty Herb and Corn Chowder and Free-range chicken in Tarragon-dill aioili. :)

Mixed Seafood in White Wine Cream Sauce

     The Mixed Seafood in White Wine Cream Sauce was a hit! The noodles were thick, al dente and generously covered with the creamy, flavorful white sauce. It was topped with lots of plump, tasty shrimps, salty mussels, served with lemon on the side and decorated with parsley leaves on top. We love how it was presented well -- simple yet enticing! It smelled good, too probably because of the fresh herbs and seafood! They also gave a generous amount of serving, perfect for the 2 of us! :)

Hearty Herb and Corn Chowder

     The Hearty Herb and Corn Chowder was perfect for the rainy, cold weather! It was hot (literally and figuratively)! The spiciness of the chowder coupled with the mild flavor of corn was great! This dish is healthy too, with fresh herbs and organic ingredients.

Free-range Chicken in Tarragon-dill Aioili

     Next is the Free-range Chicken in Tarragon-dill Aioili -- another healthy dish! They use wheat bread for the sandwich which was crunchy and perfect for the tender chicken meat. The vegetables on the side were also good! This made for a very healthy, earthy snack. 

Organic Iced Lemongrass and Ginger Cooler

Fresh Melon Shake

     For our beverages, we had Organic Iced Lemongrass and Ginger Cooler and Fresh Melon Shake. Both were really refreshing, natural too! The lemongrass and ginger cooler could have been colder, the ice melted too quickly but it tasted great nonetheless and good for the throat too. The melon shake was also yummy, just the right sweetness.


Treasure Box :)

     Our experience here at Earth Café is one that's memorable! Though it was raining hard, we still enjoyed our visit there -- with the courteous staff, (unfortunately, Chef Ricci arrived a few minutes after we left) great surroundings and healthy, natural organic meal! And like always, we were the only ones there at the time. We had the whole place to ourselves! =D

     The box where they placed the bill was cute, and one of a kind, even the handmade receipt, all very natural and artistic. :) 

Earth Café
1 Sierra Madre Street, Grand Heights 
Subdivision, Antipolo, Rizal


  1. How much ang damage dun sa cafe? Looks expensive =P

  2. spent about 700php for everything :)

  3. Hmm.. medyo mahal pala, chipipay kasi ako ih haha =P

  4. paminsan-minsan lang naman ang paggastos ng ganyan sir.. hehe! :p

  5. Tuwing nagvivisit ako ng site nyo, nakakagutom talaga sa dami ng food pics, hehe. :D Dami nyo ng nafeature na magandang restaurants. Dami ng pwedeng puntahan. ^_^

  6. more to come! hehe! nalalaman din namin about these different restos sa blogs ;-)

  7. i love how you describe the pasta dish. bentang benta sakin! yum!

  8. thanks ms. chyng! :) nakakagutom din ang mga buffet posts mo.. ^_^

  9. planning to visit pinto art museum this september.. thanks for sharing this restaurant! will definitely try it out. :)


  10. the museum has upcoming events! you should go there! :)

    but unfortunately, the cafe is already closed. inform us if someone took over the cafe? thanks! :)