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Monday, August 15, 2011

Pinto Art Museum

Entrance to Pinto Art Museum

     It was raining that day, there's a storm even, but that didn't stop us from our agenda that day-- to visit the Pinto Art Museum in Antipolo. Our travel to Pinto Art Museum (PAM) reminded us of when we went to Laya a year ago and that was one memorable trip! The museum collects a fee of 100php for adults and 50php for children. We were then asked to log in and PAM brochures were given to us.


Little church

     Several decades of devotion to art and culture has led to this haven of creativity. It took almost two years to plan, construct and organize the project. Finally on December 5, 2010, Pinto Art Museum (PAM) formally opens its doors to the general public. It is nestled within the confines of the Silangan Gardens. - from Pinto Art Museum's brochure

Simple words and Simple Deeds: 
No to Plastic

     After getting our brochures, we then headed out to the First Gallery. The glass jars with random things from the Marikina flood caught our attention. It was somehow a sad reminder of the alarming, traumatic and catastrophic event that happened during Ondoy -- that day should've taught us to be more aware of our environment, to be more caring and considerate to Mother Nature.

First gallery

     The first gallery we went into was not too big, it even looked like a house in Greece, with the white plastered walls and simple lay out. There was a small area up the stairs where more works of art are displayed. There was an open space with a small fountain and an archway that led to another room.

Mr. Andy Orencio

Fallen leaves

     The first painting we saw was a portrait of Mr. Andy Orencio, the museum manager who is also an artist. He was the one who toured us and told us interesting facts about the museum. Next is our favorite piece in the gallery, a canvass with different types of media. It was nice since it was 3 dimensional and interactive.


     The next part of the gallery was more spacious, housing bigger canvasses, as well as some sculptures and a wooden bench in the middle of the room. The paintings there were more colorful and eye catching.

Denim art

Jojit Solano's Out of the Black

     On our way out of the gallery, Mr. Orencio approached us and said that was just the first gallery and we already took our time there! There were a lot more to see! Haha! :D He then led the way to the mini chapel.


Sacred Images

     The mini chapel was simple and small. On the sides were sculptures, relics of Jesus, Mary and some of the Saints. There were various representation of Jesus and the Cross. The atmosphere was one that is peaceful and calming.

     When we went out the chapel, Mr. Orencio gave us this bright yellow flower with a sturdy stem. Then he said that those who went inside their mini chapel ended up together. *wink*wink*:p

More galleries

     While we were walking to the next gallery, Sir Andy told us a few facts about the history of the museum and how once in a while, the exhibit in the first gallery changes to display works of other artists.

Vast space for art

     The largest gallery featured gigantic works of art! Some even spanned almost the whole wall! The lay out was unique, it wasn't just a big space. You go down a few steps and go around in an S like manner -- like a maze. Haha! :p

Burst of color!

     We then headed to the next room where more are displayed, not just paintings but metal and wooden sculptures and unique materials like shadow boxes.

Up the stairs

     This was where our camera started to act out. =( Wish we had more photos of the artworks. Most of the pieces here are portraits, scenes depicting different emotions and different expressions. A painting of Dr. Cuanang was also featured in this gallery.

Light and shadow

     It's a blessing in disguise since we were able to appreciate the artworks more. We read what they were about and were amazed at how talented the creators are. (wished we could have the slightest talent in making such awe-inspiring art. Hehe!)

     It's already past lunch by the time we finished the tour and we were looking forward to dining at Earth Cafe, a place we've read so much about! :)

Natural art


     We hope to visit the museum again, when the weather is kinder so we could enjoy the outdoor lounging areas as well as the works of art around the garden. There were cushioned seats in various spots in the garden but were removed since it was raining the whole day.

New Art Enthusiasts =)

Pinto Art Museum
Silangan Gardens, 1 Sierra Madre Street,
Grandheights, Antipolo City, Rizal
Open from Tuesdays to Sundays (9AM - 6PM)
Contact Number: (632) 697-1015
Email Address: pintoartmuseum@yahoo.com


  1. wala pa sa kalingkingan yan ng mga napupuntahan niyo sir =) cheers to more adventures!

  2. I agree with Christian! :) Ang dami kong nadidiscover na lugar dito sa mga travels nyo. Ang dami palang magagandang lugar na kayang kaya palang puntahan. Can't wait sa susunod nyong discovery! ^___^

  3. I love Jojit Solano's Out of the Black painting and the maze in the largest gallery! ^_^

  4. thanks Karla! dahil sa mga comments na ganito, lalo kaming naiinspire na mag-blog ng aming mga adventures.. :)

    sana mas dumami pa mga comments at views.. hehe! :p

  5. i love museums and would like to visit this one soon:)

  6. thanks for visiting our blog blissfulguro.. :) let us know when you've had the chance to visit the place.. :)

  7. wow easy on the eyes. the place looks cozy and inviting. love the mexican architecture. the large painting you mentioned is considered a mural.

  8. thanks for the information regarding murals.. hehe! :) you should visit the museum on a cool summer day to enjoy the outdoors.. :)