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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Nomnomnom Happy Food

Where Happy Foods Are

     We've been dying to try out Nomnomnom since we've heard about it from friends and read about it from blogs. We went here a few weeks ago but unfortunately, that was a Monday and they were closed. Finally, the day we've been waiting for arrived! Hello Nomnomnom! :)

Come In! ^_^

     Nomnomnom is a simple vegetarian restaurant at the corner of E. Rodriguez and Tomas Morato streets. They are open Tuesdays to Sundays from 12 noon to 12 midnight. According to the Urban Dictionary, nomnomnom represents the sound made when someone is eating or chewing something and really enjoying it -- let's see if it's true here in Nomnomnom.. :)

That's right! :p


     The interiors are not at all extravagant yet unique and gives the place character. They have warm lighting, a big enough space for a cozy dining experience and inspiring decors such as this wall art that says "Something good always happens" complete with the vibrant rainbow. :) Books, lamps and framed photos are also placed around the room.

Warm light

Box frames

     One thing that we like when going to new restaurants is when we get great home decoration ideas like these photos placed in a box type of frame, simple yet adds a touch of warmth to a room.

Photos line :p

Themed occasions

     We especially liked how they showcased these pictures using a clothes line and pins. Through these photos, we found out that they days with themes like Madhatter's Tea Party and others.

     The restaurant had two separate areas, one area is air-conditioned. They had simple wooden, whitewashed chairs or benches and tables which brightened the room a bit. Framed cushions are hung on the walls -- comfortable head rest. Hehe! :) And more pictures with a variety of frames designed at the far end of the room.


Cozy corner


     They serve healthy yet extraordinarily delicious food! You wouldn't normally equate healthy or vegetables with delicious but here, you surely can! Veggies never tasted this good! :p

Fried Ravioli (90php)

     Fried Ravioli. Crispy Fried Ravioli stuffed with Cheesy Kangkong and Mushroom. 

     You could barely taste the kangkong because of the flavorful, melted cheese! The ravioli was served hot and crispy which was great! Each piece had loads of kangkong in it but didn't taste like green leafy veggies haha! We enjoyed the mix of texture: soft kangkong, creamy melted cheese and crispy covering! :)

Fish and Chips (170php)

     Fish and Chips. Breaded Fish Fillet served with Potato Wedges and Sour Cream and Chives. 

     The fish was really soft, moist and tender and the outside was hot and crispy - a feast for the palates! The potato wedges were awesome, too - sliced big, served hot, just the right amount of seasoning, perfect with the sour cream sauce!

 Enchilada (160php)

     Enchilada. Mexican version of lasagna, made with corn tortilla and filled with kangkong, cream and cheese. 

    Another dish with kangkong in it but it, too, didn't taste like veggies because of the powerful Mexican flavors! The lasagna was cooked perfectly, and the cream cheese was just heaven! This looked small but sure packed and delicious! ^_^

Talong and Lasting Love (220php)

     Talong and Lasting Love. Grilled Eggplant with Kesong Puti in Tomato Sauce. 

     We wouldn't dare not try one of the their bestsellers -- loved the quirky name too! It looked as great as it tasted! Again, you wouldn't notice that you're eating vegetables. It had the right mix of cheese, tomato and herbs -- both healthy and yummy! This dish is also good for about 3-4 people. We had fun digging in to this rectangular pizza. :p

Boom Chikka Wawa (70php)

     Boom Chikka Wawa. Two ice cream cookie sandwiches.

     What a fun name for a dessert right? We loved the soft vanilla ice cream in between crisp, chocolatey cookies, topped with rainbow sprinkles. The combination of soft, cold, warm, and crunchy was cool! Wouldn't mind getting another one of these but we were already full! This was a perfect ending to our healthy lunch! :)


Happy indeed! ^_^

     We enjoyed our time here immensely! It was not too easy getting here but it was worth it! The place and service were great and the food? Fantastic! We never could've imagined eating healthy was this fun and satisfying haha! Indeed, in Nomnomnom, something good always happens! :D

NomNomNom: Happy Food

Where yummy and healthy go together
1 Tomas Morato cor E. Rodriguez, Quezon City, Philippines
Tue - Sun:12:00-00:00
(632) 502-2919


  1. wow! another must try!
    natatambakan na ko ng dapat kainan =P

  2. Haha, "talong ang lasting love" looks like a winner! I used to hang photos like such in my old room :) So the ambiance exudes a homey feel to me. Would love to try their food when we're back in Pinas.

  3. @Christian: affordable, healthy, uber yummy! must try! should try! update us! =p

    @Pinay Travel Junkie: we love that idea of hanging photos! looks really nice! and Talong and lasting love really is a winner :)

  4. Hehe pag may tunay na work na ulit ako. Tipid mode eh :P