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Monday, October 3, 2011

Café Milflores

Cafe Milflores

     In search of new and budding restaurants/cafes around Batangas, we came across Café Milflores, a small but unique pastry shop that serves delectable desserts as well as some appetizers such as sandwiches and pasta. 


     The café is at the corner of Dandan and Panganiban Streets, across the City Hall and near the park. You'd notice the café because of the bright yellow door, white picket fence and pink and white walls. By the door is a standee of Princess Kate and Prince Harry, not William. Haha! :D

Comfy Corner

Colorful decors

Cute tables

     The place is just small with only a number of chairs and tables but the atmosphere is one that is fun and inviting! The tables were similar to those at Café Noriter, with pictures, postcards, quotes under the glass tops. Each table is unique and designed differently, using a variety of table cloth designs. There were lamps on the ceiling -- placed specifically for a birthday celebration few days before. Those definitely made the room more lively and vibrant! :)

Memories on the wall

Book corner

     The interiors of the café are not extravagant but absolutely adorable! There were framed pictures on the walls, nice looking lamps, and a shelf on the corner filled with all kinds of books, from romance to thrillers to mysteries. A Madeleine doll is placed on top of the shelf because it was a favorite of the owner's daughter. There was also a cork board with some of the owners' photos of family and friends. (hope that there will also be a spot for their customers. ^_^)

Knick knacks


     By the entrance is a shelf full of souvenirs and knick knacks the customers can buy. There are candies, key chains, pens, pads and the like available for sale.



     Café Milflores serves pasta, a variety of sandwiches, cakes, cupcakes, pastries, hot and cold beverages and ice cream -- all very appealing!:)


I scream for ice cream! ^_^

Small, medium, large


     The food looked good and tasted good! For that afternoon we chose their pasta and grilled cheese sandwich. For dessert, we had the pistachio macaron, as well as the red velvet cupcake. We also ordered their houseblend coffee and pink lemonade. :)

Italian Sausage with Marinara Sauce (158php)

     Italian Sausage with Marinara Sauce. It's spaghetti with red sauce with bits of Italian sausage on top. This dish would've tasted better if it had more sausage, a big spoonful more of the Marinara sauce and a bigger serving. :p It was kind of expensive given the serving size of the pasta.

Grilled Cheese Trio (65php)

     Grilled Cheese Trio. This sandwich was a hit especially since we love cheese! The bread was served hot and the outside was still crispy, add the creamy, melt in your mouth cheese and you're good to go! The taco chips on the side added flavor and texture to this great snack! :)

Lady in Red - Red Velvet Cupcake (52php)

     Lady in Red - Red Velvet Cupcake. You can never go wrong with red velvet cupcake! The cake was soft, packed and tasty, coupled with the sweet, creamy dollop of icing on top (plus the pink and white bits) -- a treat for the eyes and the palate!

Pistachio Macaron (42php)

     Pistachio Macaron. The outside was crumbly yet cakey and the inside was just perfect - soft, sweet with the strong taste of yummy pistachio. Wish it was bigger though so we could enjoy more of it. Haha! :D

House Blend Coffee (65php)

Pink Lemonade (30php)

     The Houseblend Coffee was good, not too bitter nor too sweet and the Pink Lemonade was refreshing and tasted just right -- not sour nor overly sweetened like other lemonades. It was a refreshing drink for the warm afternoon.


Party! Party! ^_^

     Thanks to Chef Martin, the cafe's co-owner, for being such a wonderful host. He told us a little bit of history and the cafe's humble beginnings. He also shared with us some stories about the shop and how it was designed and conceptualized. We had a great time at the cafe and as usual, we had the place to ourselves! We enjoyed the ambiance, service and of course, the delectable dishes! :)

One big, happy, wacky family!

Cafe Milflores
12A P. Dandan St. Cor. P. Panganiban St. 
(Plaza Mabini,in front of City hall), Batangas
Email Address: cafemilflores@yahoo.com
Contact Number: 0927-5487680


  1. Very interesting place. I will definitely go to this Cafe if I can get to Manila this year. I want to eat the spaghetti with Italian sausages. Thanks for this review. :-)

  2. Huwahhh!!! This is overwhelming mark and les (I personally didn't see this coming). Thank you so much for spending time writing this review; great pics and recommendation. We look forward on seeing you again at the shop. Send our regards to your mom and dad. Again, big big thanks.

    -martin, cafe milflores

  3. @Nonoy: You can visit the Cafe at Batangas..worth the trip! They've got great food and ambiance! =)

    @sir Martin: This is our simple way of thanking you guys for such a wonderful experience. We'll try to visit again next week =D

  4. ang daya nyo bat parang di kayo tumataba kahit kain kayo ng kain? :P

  5. hindi lang halata sir! may mga techniques para hindi magmukhang mataba.. hahaha! :D

  6. Wow, ang ganda ng place. It exudes a happy vibe! :D Ang cute ng standee sa labas, mapapansin mo talaga, hehe. I also like their food selection kasi I'm a big fan of pasta!

    Hehe natawa naman ako sa comment ni Sir Christian. Oo nga, pansin ko hindi kayo tumataba, hehe.

    Btw, paano pala pumunta dun sa Bonifacio High Street? Dun kasi kami binaba ng bus sa Market Market, hehe.

  7. @Karla: wearing loose tops is the key para hindi makita ang fats hahaha!
    From Market Market, you can walk to Serendra and then straight lang, cross the street to Boni High :)

  8. very nice, interesting place. and the price is not bad.

  9. @Pinoy Travel Freak: thanks for dropping by! we followed your blog.. :)

    the place was small but very interesting, had a happy vibe! the desserts were great too! :)

  10. loose shirt, hold breath lang ang mga techniques sir! haha! :D

  11. Adrian and Paula WinchesterJanuary 17, 2012 at 5:07 AM

    Little England in Batangas...Not to be missed

    Me and my wife visited this Beautiful Friendly Clean Cafe
    Food was Excellent at affordable prices with 10 star service we would be very very happy to recommend this Cafe to all
    Lucky we live in Batangas so we will definitely be visiting again very soon.

    1. We'd love to visit again, too! There are a lot of additions to the menu! They all look so delicious!