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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Ugu Bigyan's Secret Pottery Garden: The Place

House of clay

     This is our third destination in the Viaje del Sol, along with Casa San Pablo and  Lake Pandin/Yambo, and we braved the storm to get here! It was well worth the trip and effort. The place was so awe-inspiring and relaxing! :)

Bronze sculpture

Non-traditional huts

     As the name suggests, it is both a haven for pottery and a serene garden with luscious greens. It is a perfect place to appreciate the simplicity and beauty of nature.

     Mr. Bigyan is a master both in ceramics and culinary arts. He designs and makes various earthenware, with unique themes like bamboo, birds and leaves. He is also good at the kitchen, creating dishes perfect for the Pinoy palate. He opened his home for others to appreciate and share in his wonderful works! :)

Peaceful haven

     Before heading to their store, we decided to look around first. The huge garden had mini huts, about four of them - good places to lay back, relax, and eat. One was big enough for a group of 8 while others are just right for 2. :p

Potter's wheel

     On the right side of the garden, there was a hut for making pots, where the potter's wheel is and where some of the newly made clay jars are put out to dry. We wish we could've tried making our own clay pots or maybe just watch how it was made but unfortunately, there was no one there at the wheel.

Clay jars

     By the end of the garden were two huts perfect for relaxation, complete with low chairs which were zen like as well as comfortable benches. It was a great place to let the food settle in our tummies and to take siestas afterwards. Hehe! :)

Zen huts

Time for some R&R

     Behind the two huts is the 'mini museum' which house some pieces of artwork as well as an old potter's wheel. There was also an old four-poster bed, wooden sculptures and unique light fixtures.

A Potter's nook

     There was a painting of Mr. Bigyan with a quote that says "challenges drive me to survive and they make me stronger everytime I work with clay." Well said by the very talented and kind artist.

Tools of the trade

     After roaming around the place, it is now time to admire the works of Mr. Augusto Bigyan. All of the pieces in the shop had his signature on them which made them special. No doubt that they were all crafted by his masterful hands.

Entrance to the store

     The store was a big reactangular, open space which displayed a variety of items made out of clay. There were tea pots, jars, wind chimes, plates, vases and different decors for the home.

Vases, jars, pots, cups

Of leaves and jars

Decorative pieces

Love birds

     On the left side of the store is a souvenir shop. They have necklaces, rings, bracelets with charms made out of clay. They also have other items like hats, journals made out of recycled materials and unique decorative pieces for homes.


At the potter's haven

     Seeing the gorgeous, big clay house was a unique experience, especially knowing the history behind it. We enjoyed our time looking around and appreciating the works of such a talented artist. And not not only was he talented at the potter's wheel but also at the kitchen! Stay tuned for our next blog about the scrumptious dishes we were served! =)

Be ready for a scrumptious feast! ;p

Ugu Bigyan's Secret Pottery Garden
490 Alvarez Village. Brgy Lusacan, Tiaong, Quezon
Mon - Sun : 09:00-17:00
Telephone No.: (042) 5459144
Mobile: 0917-5605708


  1. you never fail to impress me with your interesting finds! ang galing, would love to go here too. nakakamiss na tuloy magkajowa. inggit! ^_^

  2. we love going to places only a few have been to =) we discovered this place through blogs.. pwede din naman with friends hehe! =p

  3. uy pano kayo nag viaje del sol? may dala kayo car? :)

  4. byahe lang kami lagi sir kaya isa-isa lang ang pagpunta sa mga lugar na kasama sa viaje del sol.. :)

  5. ah hehe, share naman ng directions papunta jan please; dalawa pa lang napupuntahan namin sa viaje del sol eh, casa rap and casa san pablo :)

  6. Ride any bus going to Lucena and tell the driver to drop you off at Brgy. Lusacan in Tiaong. Tricycles are available on the other side of the road, they'll bring you directly to Ugu Bigyan.. :)