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Friday, January 6, 2012

Bellini's Italian Restaurant


     Before heading to Casa Santa, we went to this restaurant which we came to know because of the movie One More Chance. We wanted to see it for ourselves and experience Italian dining. We're glad to have visited the place -- it looked great and the food served were scrumptious! Read on! :)

Up close!

     Bellini's is owned by Roberto Bellini and his wife, Ma. Luisa. It is located at Marikina Shoe Expo in Cubao, along with the other unique shops and restaurants. It's an Italian resturant that serves great tasting pizza and pasta! :)  


     The place looks so vibrant and festive with all the paintings and eye catching photographs displayed on the walls. The also have a cool wine rack showcasing numerous Italian wines. The restaurant is divided into 3 rooms.

Famous spot

     The largest one is where a scene from the movie One More Chance was shot. On the back wall is a miniature leaning tower of Pisa and on the right are framed photographs and newspaper clippings of the owner from when he was a paparazzo, covering the Edsa Revolution.

When in Rome

     The next room features murals and a replica of the famous Colosseum. This room is also adorned with colorful paintings, from the ceiling to all the walls!

     The third room is where we dined. The entrance to this room is an archway with the phrase "La Dolce Vita" which means the good life or the sweet life.

The Sweet Life! <3

     Here, more wine bottles are displayed on the wall as well as guitars and violins. There's also a replica of a Venetian bridge on one of the walls in this small and cozy room.

Italian wines

Comfortable seating


Since 1999

     They have a variety of pizza and pasta flavors as well as great antipasti or appetizers! They also have a wine selection and some great-looking desserts! :p


     We had their carbonara, mediterranea, petta di pollo alla milanese and melon shake.

Carbonara (250php)

    Carbonara. Fettuccini with white sauce, smoked bacon and egg. The pasta was cooked perfectly, al dente and the sauce was creamy and flavorful. The smoked bacon complemented the rich white sauce. Wish there were more though. :p

Mediterranea (280php)

     Mediterranea. Mozzarella, bacon, onion, oregano. We loved how the thin crust was crunchy and kinda smoky. The combination of the different toppings was delicious! The serving was just right and filling. It could be cheesier though ('cause we love cheese. haha!).

Petto di Pollo all Milanese (250php)

     Petto di Pollo all Milanese. Fried chicken dipped in egg, breadcrumbs. This dish was great! The outside was nice and crispy while the inside was soft and juicy! It was also packed with flavor! The lime on the side gave it a tangy twist. Don't put too much though, it can get too sour. But all, in all, the chicken was good!

Melon Shake

     The melon shake was nice and refreshing but it could use more sugar and be a little thicker, still a good drink to go with our delicious Italian meal! :)


Viva Italia! ^_^

     Our time at Bellini's was great! We had a filling, authentic Italian meal in such a nicely decorated restaurant. Mr. Bellini was even there to greet his customers. He has a smiling face and was a good host to the diners. We'd love to go back and eat with our friends there. We enjoyed the ambiance as much as the food! :)

Bellini's Italian Restaurant
Marikina Shoe Expo, Gen. Romulo Ave., 
Cubao, Quezon City
Contact Number: (02) 913-2550


  1. This looks like a really really nice restaurant! The interior and decor are so interesting.. :) It's like a homey museum. I'd make sure to ask the boyf to bring me here soon.. haha.. ^^

  2. Lagi to nrerecommend ng cousin ko.. hopefully mkpnta na kmi dito this year :)The place looks great by the way :)

  3. The food looks delish! Ganda ng interiors ng restaurant na yan!

  4. @sumi: then blog about your experience too! hope you have fun like we did! =p

    @berylle: visit the resto soon! you'll not regret it! :)

    @anney: the food taste delish too!

  5. kaya pala the place looks familiar. hihi
    natakam ako sa carbonara, pero diet ako. but surely next time ttry ko yan! =)

  6. I've been here with my best friend last August. We personally met the owner. He's so nice! Will include this place in my blog too. andami kong gusto i-include Haha! And babalikan ko si Obama Cake sa Bellinis :)

  7. @Chyng: share the carbonara para hindi sira ang diet..hehe!
    @Yani: Mr. Bellini is one cheerful guy noh? :) we'll be waiting for your blog posts =p ..sayang we weren't able to try any of the desserts..next time!