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Monday, January 23, 2012

Fleur De Lys: Patisserie & Cafe

Patisserie and Cafe

     We just had lunch at The Real Thing Diner at the nearby Il Terrazzo and did not have any desserts there. So we decided to have some at Fleur de Lys, a quaint patisserie we saw on our way to Il Terrazzo.

From the Chef / Owner

     This patisserie and cafe at Tomas Morato is owned by Chef Jackie Ang Po who hosted the TV shows True Confections and Delicioso on QTV. She won a bronze for the country at the Food and Hotel Asia Singapore competition. 

     The cafe is open from 10.30am-12mn from Monday to Thursday, from 10am-1am on Fridays and Saturdays, and from 2pm-10pm on Sundays.  


Warm and cozy

     The ambiance is warm and cozy, with blue-green walls, simple wooden tables and light, silver chairs. Colorful works of art are displayed on the wall as well as photos of enticing, mouth-watering desserts! We love the silver designs on the walls that seemed like decoupage! :) 

Ingredients for a mouth-watering dessert

Voted Best Dessert Place

     The cafe also has their pastries available for take-out. They put the delectable pastries in cute boxes tied with a bright green ribbon - perfect for gifts! They also have unique cookie jars, also a good gift idea! :)

Take-out box



Lots to choose from

     Aside from the desserts, they also serve soups, salads, rice meals, pasta dishes and grilled paninis. With that, you have fruit juices, shakes, coffee, and tea to choose from! What we love are the uniquely named cakes and pastries like Dulce and Gabanana, Build me up Buttercrunch, A River Rums Through, and Nuts About you, to name a few. :p

On the Menu


Waiting for our orders...

     We chose The Next Best Thing, Best Kept C-kret and Dulce and Gabanana.

The Next Best Thing (128php)

     Chocolate cake with caramel filling served with vanilla ice cream. The cake was soft and the inside was just lovely, sweet and creamy. Wish the ice cream was served really cold, though - it melted too quickly. Hehe! The chocoalte cake and vanilla ice cream was a good combination, perfect for the sweet tooth! :)

Best Kept C-kret (115php)

     A light chiffon cake with 3 creams: yema custard, caramel and chocolate. The cake was light and refreshing! The different kinds of cream complemented each other well, sweet yet not overpowering. The texture was great - smooth, thick, creamy.

Dulce and Gabanana (120php)

     Fresh banana tart with chocolate dulce de leche filling on gingersnap crust topped with whipped cream, caramel and chocolate. What we loved about this are the fresh bananas. The crust was okay, too-really crispy and flavorful. We also liked the chocolate and caramel syrup on top. :)


Sweet teeth :D

     We're glad to have had our desserts here! The place looked great even if it was small, the servers all had smiling faces and the cakes and pastries were good! We'd love to try the other bestsellers we've read so much about like the Pavlova Picasso and the Strawberry Pie with big chunks of fresh strawberries with a layer of chocolate! Ooooh can't wait! :)

Fleur de Lys: Patisserie & Cafe
F.L.P Bldg., 305 Tomas Morato Ave.
Quezon City, Metro Manila
(02) 372-0631


  1. Wow! I can't believe I've passed by this place quite a few times na but haven't tried eating here yet. The desserts you guys had look so good! I really need to try out more restos at Tomas Morato.. XD

    1. There are more restos/ cafes at the Scout area! We need to try them all haha! =)

  2. I think I'll have the Dulce and Gabanana when we happen to drop by here :)

    1. good choice! it's their version of Banapple's banoffee pie :)

  3. parang banoffee yung dolce and gabanna! =)

  4. The Next Best Thing and Dulce and Gabanna looked so yummy! :)))

    1. yep! they're yummy! love the gooey center of the Next Best Thing! and Dulce and Gabanana's sweet, caramel-y bananas hehe!

  5. Oh yummm! The cakes made me drool :D

    1. we actually had a hard time choosing from the cake display haha! all of them looked so good! =p