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Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Real Thing Diner

The Real Thing!

     We've been to Il Terrazzo a couple of times and have yet to try this fairly new restaurant. We decided to go there with our friend Yani to taste some Coca-cola infused dishes. ^_^ 

Real Rewards

     The Real Thing Diner is owned by singer, songwriter, harpist Noelle Cassandra and singer, events host KV Golamco. The retro themed diner have Coca-Cola memorabilia collected by Mr. Golamco from his stint at the Coca-Cola Company displayed around. The place looks fun and inviting with all the red and white Coke inspired items!

     The place is open everyday from 11am to 2.30pm and from 5.30pm to 10pm. They're open til 11pm on Fridays and Saturdays.


Red & White

     The diner is eye-catching with the red and white interiors, truly Coca-Cola inspired! They have simple white tables, red, soft chairs as well as black couches shaped like the Coke waves. On the walls are bubbles with some of the owners collection like cans, bottles, and the famous Coca-Cola polar bear. There's also a big, colorful mural on the wall, giving the place a fun feel!

Coke clock :)

Coca-cola memorabilia

     On the far right is a very long shelf showcasing the various designs of Coke cans throughout the years. There's also a rack shaped like a Coke bottle where diners can appreciate the unique Coke-inspired items like drinking bottles, bottle caps, stuffed polar bear and more Coke cans/bottles. :) There are also framed newspaper clippings, reviews, articles about the Diner and its owners.

Coke rack

Coke cans

Cute random items


Order up!

     On their menu are Coca-cola infused dishes like Royal Pumpkin Soup, Sarsi wings, Sprite Calamari, Coke Zero Fish Fingers and a lot more! It really is the Real Thing! Their unique meals had us confused on what to get. :p


     We finally decided on their Coca-Cola Seafood Jambalaya, Sarsi Fish 'n Chips and Coca-Cola BBQ Burger.

Coca-Cola Seafood Jambalaya (229php)

     Coca-Cola Seafood Jambalaya. A delicious medley of Coca-cola, rice, celery & bell peppers, topped with diced shrimps and fish fillet. 

     We liked how this dish had a lot on it! The shrimps were plump and juicy while the fish fillet was soft and flavorful. It was a little too spicy though. Nevertheless, we enjoyed it and finished the whole dish!

Coca-Cola BBQ Burger (199php)

     Coca-Cola BBQ Burger. Cheesy backyard burger cooked to perfection in our signature Coca-Cola BBQ sauce. 

     This was a sure hit! The beef patty was big, juicy, well-cooked and flavorful! The veggies were crisp and the sauce was just great! The combo of flavors was just right, add to that the fat chunks of fries. It was a real tummy filler! Great on the taste buds, too!

Sarsi Fish 'n Chips (179php)

     Sarsi Fish 'n Chips. Sarsi-coated fish 'n chips coated with our original Sarsi sauce. 

     It was unlike anything we've tasted before -- really original. Hehe! The sauce was great with the mildly flavored fish fillet. The texture was good, too- crispy on the outside yet soft and juicy on the inside! It was served with big a heap of potato fries which were also yummy!


Happy diners!

     We had a great time at this fun and interesting diner! The server was so helpful, putting in his 2cents on what we should get. He also told us a little about the owners and how the diner started. The food did not only looked enticing, but tasted scrumptious as well! We had a blast looking at the memorabilia and reminiscing the Coke advertisements from when we were younger. Hehe! :)

The Real Thing Diner

2nd Level, IL Terrazzo Mall 
305 Tomas Morato Ave. cor. Scout Madriñan St.
Contact Number: (63 2) 352-4320
Website: http://therealthingdiner.com


  1. I've always wanted to eat here ever since I got a flier the last time I was in Il Terrazo! :) The interior looks super cool and interesting. The dishes you guys ordered look and sound delicious too. I have to check this place out really soon! :) And cool, you're friends with ate Yani pala.. ^^

    1. yep! love their displays! want to bring some of 'em home haha! hope you could join us one time..let's have our own eat's a date hehe! =)

  2. wow I'd love to try their sarsi fish next time. I got their sarsi wings before and we loved it!

    1. now we've gotta try the sarsi wings hehe! :)

  3. Replies
    1. their meals are about 200php..kinda expensive but nice to have tried their unique dishes :)

  4. Love our bonding here :) everything is Coca-Cola..sweet!

  5. interesting nga, everything with soda. hehe
    pero not for me. nagwithdraw nako from softdrinks since 2005 =)

    1. kahit hindi masyado halata? (since sa food naman) hehe!