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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

More Fun in Boracay: Day 1

Summer is Boracay! ^_^

     Boracay has been known to be one of the best beaches, tourist spots in the Philippines. And because of that, we've been wanting to spend one summer in this famous summer getaway. 
     Our friend, Tonie, has graduated from Medicine and we needed to celebrate! (with barely a month to prepare and book for a decent vacation) Good thing AirAsia offered a promo going to Kalibo for only 1200php roundtrip. We didn't pass up the chance to grab this promo especially since we won't get to buy cheap tickets in such a short period of time, considering that it's peak season.

     We had to research how to get to Clark since AirAsia only flies to and from Kalibo International Airport. From Cubao, we took the Dagupan Bus to Dau. It took us about 2 hours to get there, from 3am to 5am. We ate at Jollibee first  before taking the shuttle to Diosdado Macapagal International Airport (DMIA). Fare costs 100php.

Red and White

     We finally arrived at DMIA at around 6 in the morning. We checked-in, paid the terminal fee of 400php and waited for our boarding time. We stayed at the second floor which reminded us of NAIA Terminal 3 with the tall glass windows, bare white walls and stainless steel seating.

Beach Bound

     Our flight lasted about 50 minutes, 20 minutes earlier than the estimated time of arrival at Kalibo. Kuddos to AirAsia team for our on-time departure and arrival. The flight was fast and smooth! :)

Welcome to Kalibo!

     We arrived at Kalibo International Airport (KIA) at around 8am. After getting our checked-in bags, we were greeted at the exit by one of the staff of Island Star Express. Our friend, Raye, contacted  Island Star Express to arrange all our land and sea transfers from KIA to our hotel in Boracay. Stickers were handed to us for easy identification. We're thankful to them for a hassle-free trip from the airport to our resort.

      From KIA, we boarded a van that will take us to the port in Caticlan. The trip lasted for one and a half hour but we didnt felt it since we were asleep. Haha! :D


     We paid 125php at the port for the environmental fee and boarded a boat that will take us to Boracay Island. This only took about 10minutes. The boat was equipped with life vests that all passengers must strictly wear. The boat ride was also smooth since the sea was calm, and the weather was great too!

Shuttle Service

     Finally! Boracay! Staff of Island Star Express were already waiting for our arrival at the port. The ride from the port to where we were staying only took about 20 minutes. Another staff from Island Star Express brought us to La Isla Bonita Resortour home away from home in Boracay. :)

 La Isla Bonita


     La Isla Bonita Resort is located in Station 1, beside the posh Sands Hotel and Crown Regency Hotel. (Wish we could stay in one of these really nice resorts. Hehe!)  We made reservations at the resort since it was peak season. We were lucky to have gotten a room perfect for us on a short notice considering the trongs of people wanting to have their vacation in Boracay. 

     Our room costs 2700php for a 3D2N stay, inclusive of land and sea transfers. We also paid 200php for the use of WiFi for our entire stay. Breakfast for four persons were also included in the package.

Spacious Room

Spacious room

     Our air-conditioned room had two queen sized beds, a small fridge, one wooden cabinet and a big enough toilet & bath. Outside is a balcony with a bench made out of bamboo which we brought inside. Hehe! 

     It was already 12 in the afternoon when we arrived and we were already hungry, so after unpacking and freshening up we headed out to look for some good food!

 La Carmela de Boracay

     We had a hard time deciding where to eat! After scouting for a good restaurant, we decided to eat at La Carmela de Boracay. They offered a buffet lunch that costs 275php. They had 2 dining areas overlooking the pool. We stayed on the far side, where the buffet table is. Haha! Time to dig in! :)



     Food choices for the buffet included corned tuna steak, braised pork legs, Mediterranean stuffed chicken breast, soup, and a variety of desserts. A pasta station was also available at the far corner of the room. You can choose from spaghetti or fettuccine and red or white sauce. The food was great considering the affordable price. :)

     After taking a quick rest, it's now time to explore Boracay. We arrived last April 25, 2012 and we were blessed to have a good weather and despite the peak season, there were only few people -- maybe because it was only the middle of the week. We expect more would arrive during the weekend.

Calm Seas

Clear Skies

     We love the white sand, clean beach, sunny sky, cool breeze and the relaxed feeling! This is a great break from work! We're excited to try the different adventures we planned for this trip!

Busy Beach :p

     A variety of water sports were available but we saved them for our second day in Boracay. A lot of guys will be offering their services regarding these watersports, you just have to know how to choose which one suits what you like, for the right price of course. We decided to get the services of Ride the Zorb, details will be posted on our next blog.. :p

     We were already tired from our 8 hour travel so we decided to take a nap and prepare for our first night in Boracay. :)

Night Life

     We initially planned to see the sunset but we were all too tired and sleepy to get up. haha! It was then decided that we'd just watch the sunset on our second day. 

     The night is alive in Boracay! There were a lot of bars and restaurants along the strip. There was even an open dance floor! Others had fire dancers giving the entertainment while you enjoy your cocktails.

Seafood Buffet!

     It was dinner time already and after experiencing hotel buffets, we decided to experience "seaside" buffet for dinner at Kalinga Bar & Restaurant. Compared to our lunch, our dinner was mostly seafood: crabs, grilled fish, shrimp and mussels.

Seafood overload

Healthy desserts

     The seafood was great! You know that they were fresh -- great tasting too! Dessert included senorita, watermelon, and seaweed salad.

     One of our "goals" on our Boracay trip is to see sand castles but unfortunately we were not able to see one except for carvings in the sand. 

Art on Sand

     We learned that those making sand castles were being regulated since they don't pay taxes and earn as much as 3000php per day. Too bad we didn't get to see their works of art. Since we couldn't find any on the beach, we made one ourselves. Hehe! :)

MarLie at Bora ^_^

     After our filling dinner, we watched some fire dancers while enjoying our margarita by the beach. Those guys had real talent! We were amazed at their skills! They were really entertaining, too! :)

Playing with fire

Showing off :)

Ring of fire

     These fire dancers were so limber, fearless and talented! They were such great dancers and entertainers! :)

Fiery hot :p

     This is the life! That was our sentiment on our first day! We just relaxed and ate to our hearts' content! The day went by too fast though -- can't wait for our adventure-filled Day 2! :D


  1. sosyal naman boracay! di pa ko nakapunta jan hehe

  2. mas madami at mas magaganda pa din napuntahan mo hehe! =)

  3. that's an interesting fact about the sandcastle makers. whirlwind ang boracay experience n'yo ha. sana makapunta na rin ako d'yan soon...

    1. sayang ndi namin naabutan yung sandcastle makers nung andun pa sila. we would have been amazed at their works of art.. :)

  4. dinner buffet = love
    It's good to hear Boracay has affordable cost of dinner buffet in Boracay...mas expensive kasi dito sa Manila restos eh.

  5. Boracay is one of the perfect places to spend our vacation. Your photos suggest that you really had a great time staying on the island. You can enjoy lots of activities. It's more fun in Boracay. Thanks for sharing!

  6. It's true! It's more fun in boracay! We had a really great time there with my family last summer. We hope in repeating it this year last time we stayed at sol marina de boracay and it's really a once in a lifetime experience.

  7. Life's a beach! And it's really more fun in the Boracay beach as it almost have everything you will ever want in your life! :)