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Monday, May 7, 2012

More Fun in Boracay: Day 2

Boracay sunset

     After our tummy-filling activities on our first day in Boracay, it's time to burn some calories and put our adventure-seeking instincts to the test! As promised, our day 2 will be spent on watersports and other cool activities offered in the island. On our list: parasailing, helmet diving and ATV. We plan to watch and enjoy Boracay sunset, too! :)

Big Meal

     Before heading out, we grabbed our first breakfast in Boracay. We had quite a big meal - hotdog, scrambled eggs, strips of bacon, toasted white bread with butter and jam, a cup of rice,  steaming hot coffee and banana for dessert. It was a perfect meal for a fun-filled day ahead! :p

     From Station 3 where our resort was located, we walked to Station 1 until Budget Mart where the staff members of Ride the Zorb are waiting for us. We rode the shuttle to where we'll Ride the Zorb is!

Ride the Zorb

     We purchased vouchers from Ensogo for Parasailing + Zorb ball ride for 1999php. Original cost was about 3000php so that was big savings! :p

     Zorbing is a fun sport of rolling down a hill inside a plastic orb. The first zorbing site was in New Zealand. You can choose between harness and non-harnessed (water-filled). What we tried was the non-harnessed.


     We then headed up the hill where we'll mount the giant orb. The guys pushed the big orb up the hill, poured water in it and inflated it some more. We then went it face first. Haha! It was hilarious how we clumsily got into the orb! :D

Inside the orb

Rollin' down the hill

     Our hearts were pounding when we got to the edge of the hill! It got exhilarating though when we were rolling down the hill, with water splashing around us. All in all, it was an exciting but fast ride! We could go again! Haha! :)

Round 1!

     We then rode the shuttle again back to Station 1 where our next adventure awaits us!

Napoleon Seasports

     We were referred to Napoleons Seasports for our most awaited adventure! Since we booked our tickets to Boracay, were already thinking about parasailing.

     We were ushered onto a boat that brought us to another boat with the equipment for parasailing. We then sped up to a nice location. We donned life vests, wore harnesses and was strapped to the parachute. We were told to just sit down and as soon as the wind picked up and the parachute opened, we were off soaring slowly up! 

  All set

     Parasailing is a fun kiting activity where you'll be towed behind a boat while attached to a parasail wing, something like a parachute. The ride was so smooth that we didn't feel we're already so high up! To wake us up a bit, the boat driver slowed down to put some slack on the rope, then sped up again and let us feel the pull haha! We got rattled for a while but all was well afterwards. :D

Ready to fly :p

Up, up and away!

     It was such an awesome experience! We don't know how high up we went but the view was breathtaking! The skies were clear, it wasn't too sunny nor hot up there and the feeling was just great! 

soaring high

     If we will be given a chance to do it over again, we definitely will. This experience was worth the wait! We wish we could have stayed up longer though. :) It was so nice and peaceful up there!

     Although it's already noon, we're getting hungry and the sun is at its highest, we proceeded to one of the famous watersports in Boracay, helmet diving, or reef walking. 

25-kilo helmet

     We got on a platform where we'll be helmet diving. We were first oriented on what to do and how to communicate through simple hand signals. A 25 kilo-helmet was placed over our heads while we were being brought down to the ocean floor. That 25kilos only feels like 3kilos under water. 

     A diver slowly brought us down while we equalized and stayed calm. Once we got to the floor, we were asked to kneel then slowly stand up to get our balance. Time for fish feeding and pic taking! :)

Up close with the fish

     Going down was scary at first, and quite painful to the ears. But once we got used to the environment, we had a blast! It was cute watching the fish up close, eating the bread out of our hands. We were not satisfied with the photos they took, though. Probably because the diver was in a hurry since there was another group with us.

     After all the activities we did, we were already hungry. We rested for a bit first, freshened up before heading out again to watch the sunset.

Sunset at Boracay

     The sunset was spectacular! Good thing the skies were clear and there were no clouds blocking our view of the sun. The colors quickly turned from yellow to orange and it was an amazing site! The paraws made the scene more dramatic. :)

     We capped of our day at Shakey's - our friend, Tonie's treat since she just graduated from Medicine. Congrats Doc Tonie! :)

Fun in the Sun!

     Our day 2 in Boracay was exciting! We're happy we got to do the things on our list, except for the ATV since we were alrady tired. Are we getting old? Haha!  There are more activities the island has to offer and we hope we could get to try them next time! ;)


  1. aaww, missing boracay with this post. ay wait, may skin problems pa pala ko so saka na muna..

    i enjoyed the helmet diving too, sayang naman kung onti lang pics. sana di nyo binayaran. hehe

    1. What skin prob? Ano nangyari? Hope you get well soon! :)
      Nabayaran na before kami madive eh sayang hehe! Sana kasi hindi sila nagpababa ng Marami para hindi nagmamadali..

  2. I love boracay ! hope to be back there soon. Very nice blog by the way

  3. hi nice blog, may i know how much is the parasailing and helmet diving fee? for the parasailing,who took the photos? or are those included already in the fee? thanks

    1. parasailing is about 1,300php and the helmet diving is 500php.
      .our friends took our photos :)

  4. Zorbing is the best experience I would consider I ever tried. I love the feeling rolling the hill while the water splashing around us. I had my getaway in ambassador in paradise boracayn last year, I appreciate the services they have offered plus great accommodations. I love going back to visit this place again.