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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

MNL Ice Cream Cafe

MNL Ice Cream Cafe

     After two failed attempts, we were finally able to eat at MNL Ice Cream Cafe last Tuesday. This cafe opened just 6 months ago, last October 8. They're open from Mondays to Saturdays, from 10am - 8pm.


Sumptuous Meals

     The space used to be a shop where car parts are sold. Now it's an ice cream cafe serving delicious snacks and desserts! The mustard yellow walls are adorned with photos of their mouthwatering dishes! Not only do they offer a feast for the palate, but for the eyes as well.

Food Pics

Red & Orange

     The small area is made bright and cheery with the red and orange chairs and white tables. On the left corner of the space is a red desk with a laptop, some magazines and radio. On the right is one long, red, comfortable sofa.



     Aside from delectable ice cream (FIC), they also serve rice meals, pasta dishes, sandwiches and a variety of appetizers. These include breaded fish fillet, beef or chicken with rice and a lot more.


     We had to try one from each selection so for starters, we got nachos and classic pepperoni pizza. Then for the entree, we had pork steak and pesto with grilled chicken. Our order wouldn't be complete without having dessert so we ordered 2 pins of FIC ice cream - strawberry and butterscotch. :)

Nachos (88php)

     This was one god appetizer! The serving size was just right, the toppings which included ground beef, shreds of lettuce and drizzles of cheese tasted great! The tomato dip could be served in a bigger dish though so it'd be easier to scoop out -- it was still good with big chunks of diced tomatoes!

Pork steak with gravy (128php)

     We loved how tasty the pork was! It was tender and well done. The buttered veggies on the side were also good -- tasty and fresh! The gravy was a tad too salty, added much flavor to the pork steak. Hehe! This dish was filling and yummy! :)

Pesto with grilled chicken (88php)

     We found the pasta a little dry but oddly enough, we still liked it. Hehe! We overlooked the dryness because of the flavorful pesto sauce! We could have enjoyed it better if it had some more oil we think. :)

Classic Pepperoni (68php)

     This pizza packed a punch even if it's small. The crust was so thin and crispy! And it didn't lack in toppings! This was a great appetizer, too!

FIC Ice Cream - Strawberry and Butterscotch

     The three of us shared 2 pints of this creamy and scrumptious dessert! We loved the combination of fruity strawberry and sweet butterscotch! What we loved about each of them: the bits of strawberries and the spoonfuls of caramel at the bottom of the butterscotch tub!


Cravings satisfied :p

     Our MNL Ice Cream Cafe dining experience was a blast! We were so full our tummies were bulging! Haha! Next time we'll try their sandwiches, and of course -- the other ice cream flavors! Even if it's cold and rainy, we'd still have their delectable ice cream! :)

MNL Ice Cream Cafe  
108 Mataas na Lupa, Lipa City, Batangas
Opening Hours: 10AM - 8PM
Contact Number: (043) 756 2249
Email Address: mnlicecreamcafe@yahoo.com 


  1. i love everything you ordered! ♥

    1. thanks ms. chyng! hope to meet you someday! :)